I LOVE Auckland – New Zealand
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images4.jpg I do. I just love Auckland so much, I can never get tired of that lovely cosmopolitan city.

Since the very first time I went to New Zealand (because I wanted so much to meet my husband – my internet love at the time) I fell in love with Auckland.

I wish, and I hope and I dream that one day Cam and I will have an opportunity to live there.

I love walking around Queen St., stopping at our favorite places, like Borders (read magazines at the comfortable and nice cafe), Food Court (and have some delicious Asian food), New Market, Devonport, get the ferry, Parnell, One Tree Hill….

Lots of wonderful memories of wonderful moments with my Darling Husband there.

I love Auckland. Part of my heart is there and will always be. I miss it. 100_6437.JPG100_6440.JPG





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Twin Aunties revenge…
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Twin AuntsHey Sweety. Do you know that I’ve lost 3kgs since I’ve been back here. I think I actually did most of the hard work walking it off in Rio. But, it didn’t actually start falling off until I got back here. Man, did we walk. Plus all the good fruit and salads etc. Even if I did succumb to the Aunties and their “icy creamies”.140508_fagyizok

This time I got off quite lightly though as you took the brunt of their verbosity and I just got to sit back and relax and try to watch TV while they chatted. For me it was good because I didn’t have to concentrate so hard on having to converse. It can be real hard work talking to two women who have the ability to listen and talk about six subjects at the same time. You did very well my love.amazingly-delicious-cake-297365

Fair enough if only one talked at the same time, but of course the twin aunties don’t.

Now. Auria and Elizabeth. Please don’t be offended. Truth is, I love you both, very much. You know that Ana does as well. You know this. So, we’re just trying to have a bit of fun here. It fact, we have SO much fun sitting there listening to you two gabbling away. As much as we have complained (never to yourselves) about the fact that we never get to watch any TV, we do enjoy spending our evenings with you. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t come over.IMAG0357

We’re now at the point where we have completely given up on the hope that we might actually be able to watch any TV. So, in many ways, you’re actually doing us a favour. We shouldn’t be so addicted to TV. Thank you.GetAttachment.aspx.jpg5

It’s funny how the Aunties welcome you into their house on the pretext of letting you (us) watch TV. Of course we say yes. It’s amazing how much you miss TV when you don’t have it. We enter, always with the expectation that we’ll see some quality viewing. Amazing. No trepidation. We gleefully enter into the Twin Aunties domain. We’re welcomed into their home and made to feel free to do whatever we wish. We get ushered to the couch which is facing the TV. I get given the remote and you get to snuggle up against me. We relax. We get settled. The Aunties POUNCE! (They must practice when we’re not watching…)Pounce

First things first. They have two chairs which they place either side of us. Instead of facing them towards the TV, they place them towards us. Because the chairs are higher than our seating position, it’s almost like (it can never be) being interrogated. “You vill talk to us and ve vill leave ze TV on to torture you”. “Ve vill constantly talk to you unt you vill listen!”.Chocolate-1

I still haven’t figured out how both Aunties can be talking to us at the same time and then one of then suddenly appears from the kitchen with a tray full of drinks and food. When did Auria go into the kitchen? How come we didn’t notice?

They must have cast a spell on us.We luffs youz

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Supersize me!
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supersize.jpg I love my Tiwn Aunties. They are the best!54757_977

I must say, they always want to feed me so much whenever I visit them. Pastries, Coca Cola, ice cream, chocolate….. all the time!Sweet-Treats_popsnpetitfours-1423

But the person that the Aunties love to feed the most is my husband Cameron. Oh boy! He arrives at their place and there will be food all around him!SAMSUNG My handsome wonderful man! 🙂

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Oh! Look at this! My stupid broadband is working now so I can write this post!!!! I am SO F*** happy! Hooray!!!ooo.jpg

Its been almost a week that both my internet and cable TV are not working… This is making me feel so angry and upset and frustrated. First of all, because I need the internet to communicate with my Darling Husband who is in the other side of the planet. Second, I need the internet for so many things: emails, read the news, bank..upnorth

I also like to have the TV on, specially in the evenings – when I come home after a working day. Watching Oprah, Manhattan Connection, Nigella, Alternativa SaĂşde, Menu Confiança and Jamie Oliver at Home gives me comfort!Fantastic-Office-Room-with-TV-Cozy-Couch-Wooden-Cabinets-and-Brown-Floor

I sent an email to cable and broadband company (NET) and they gave me a completely useless nonsense response. They could probably use some “Ass Screws” from Bunnings… (see below)

Anyway, hopefully this huge hassle will be sorted out soon and than I will recover my sanity.tempest.jpg

(a few days later….)

As I wrote above, I am having the biggest hassle with my broadband and cable TV.

Its been a week I dont have cable TV at all and I have just a bit of broadband. Its annoying me so much! Its terrible! I feel “disconnected” to the world. Without cable and broadband, my little single bedroom looks so small…
For instance, this morning my Husband had to call me on my phone instead of usual Skype because of this useless internet…. he has been spending LOADS of Skype Out credits…

Anyway, after we hang up, I realize the internet is working….. Thankfully!girl-on-computer-happy

Least, but not last, my father called NET (broadband and cable) looking for an explanation of whats going on. They said we aren´t getting any reception because they are changing wires and cables, etc…. also they expect at midnight of January 30th both services will be back to normal. Jesus!! 10 days!! Finally, my father asked if he´d get a discount for this month. They said no because my father didnt complain beforehand. Now they already printed the invoice……phonecallwithpattytoppaneledit

Hard to believe….. Unbelievable…..


Today is my 11:oo PM of February, 14th. The broadband has been fixed, but NOT the cable…. they couldnt fix it yet. They promised cable TV will be working by February 21th. We´ll see…..

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ernest-magda2.jpg This is Ernest & Magda, our friends from Poland. This picture was taken just before their wedding day.

Oh! Polish traditions are so cool!!! And so romantic…

When the Polishes get married, the bride-to-be must wear this beautiful hat for a whole week before the wedding (ps: the hat will be used as decoration at the wedding reception), while the groom has to proudly show his “I´M A VIRGIN” certificate (carved in wood) to all his friends and family.

I want a hat just like Magda´s, my Love….. I want it. I so want it!

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Ass Screws.

It seemed like a good price…if you’re into that kind of thing.


trimming the trees in the parents driveway.
Parents driveway
It was a blaaardy hot day today. But, the drive needed doing. The parents were very pleased. Mum gave me a little hand, but she had to shoot off into town for a hairdressing appointment. I was really pleased with what I did. The folks are getting too old for this type of thing. I got a little burnt. My arms are sore. I forgot to put on some suntan lotion of course. I was pretty tired after doing all this and I didn’t look forward to taking it off of the Ute (Pick-up for you Yanks). Reason being, because I also had a full trailer to empty as well.

Much to my surprise, when I got to the rubbish tip, a guy running the grader dragged the organic rubbish off of both the trailer and the Ute. It would have taken me ages. Putting the plant rubbish on the Ute and trailer is the easy part. Getting it off sucks.

I was so pleased I didn’t have to do that. Big ups to the rubbish tip guy (Wish I had the foresight to take a photo).

Actually, what’s interesting to me is that although Rio is generally so much hotter, I can walk around all day and not get sunburnt. New Zealand definitely has stronger UV rays. Slip, slop, slap people. Slip on a T-shirt, Slop on some sunscreen and Slap on a hat.

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I am MISSING you much more than words can say….
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My Darling,

I am missing you so….i-cant-sleep-i-miss-my-husband

And I am here, in my little single bedroom listening to the same nice Paradiso radio songs we listened together.

I sent you a msg in your mobile, but you didnt reply so I hope your afternoon is going well.

I wish you were here with me, my Husband. I love you.



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