68 Days…..
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Ok, today is January 10th. Considering I will get the plane to Auckland on March 19th, there are 68 days to go. Hopefully the time will RUN fast and I will be in my husband´s arms soon.

OBS: I am so shocked with airlines companies!!! You see, Cameron´s flight to NZ (Aerolineas Argentinas) was supposed to departure at 19:35PM. A.A. sent him an email on the day he was leaving to tell us new departure time: 6:35PM. So, we and our auntie Aurea arrived at the airport at 4:30PM. When we got there, the flights board was saying Cam´s flight (AR 1257) was cancelled. Nobody informed anything about that. We decided to wait at the “check in” line (which was huge!!!) when somebody told us that all the passengers were supposed to get a VARIG flight to Buenos Aires. After we did first part of the check in, we runned to the other terminal for another check in at VARIG counter. Long line again. After Cam crossed the departure at about 7:30PM, he sent me a txt msg telling me the new boarding time was 9PM. At about my 2:00AM, my husband sent me a msg telling the flight arrived 3 hours later than it was supposed to to BA and still he didnt know what would hapen to the passengers. Finally, about my 3:00 AM, Cam sent me another msg letting me know he was finally getting on the to NZ. Very tired, of course….. Its really shocking the way airlines treat the passengers.Well, 68 DAYS! I am so looking forward to see my new kiwi home and help my husband decorate our place. Ana&CamfromPhone 004 Ana&CamfromPhone 005 Ana&CamfromPhone 006 Ana&CamfromPhone 007 Ana&CamfromPhone 008 Ana&CamfromPhone 009 Ana&CamfromPhone 010 Ana&CamfromPhone 011 Ana&CamfromPhone 012 Ana&CamfromPhone 013 Ana&CamfromPhone 014 Ana&CamfromPhone 015 Ana&CamfromPhone 016 Ana&CamfromPhone 017 Ana&CamfromPhone 018 Ana&CamfromPhone 019

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