Bad webcams have the power to shift your mood
Posted by KiwiCam at 7:27 pm in Cam's Rants.

Photo of Genius Eye 110 WebcamThe other day I purchased a Genius Eye 110 webcam. The specs looked reasonable and, I felt, this webcam would be ideal for it’s intended purpose which was to talk to my baby (Ana) via Skype.

It installed fine on my Windows XP machine. Skype recognised it straight away. I wasn’t happy. The image looked great, however, as soon as I moved my head everything went blurry. What’s the point of having a webcam that can’t maintain a clear picture? I took it back the next day.

I was quite surprised at just how bad this webcam was. After all, I have a Creative Webcam GO that’s over SIX years old now. They share the same resolution and yet the creative is far superior in it’s ability to produce clear video. There’s over six years of technological difference here! What gives?

Now I’m on the lookout for a good webcam at a reasonable price. I don’t need the latest and the greatest, just something that works well with Skype. Ana & I love Skype. Skype has kept our relationship strong during the times that we’ve been apart. It’s great for talking to family and friends and has saved me an absolute fortune in overseas phone calls.

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