I was robbed today…. But everything is fine now.
Posted by Ana Lucia at 3:57 pm in Ana's Rants

Yes. Bummer. Damned shit.

I was robbed today while walking around Ipanema, here in Rio, about 4:00PM.e2c05a7e-b84c-419a-a20a-44b990dd8bf2

I cant sleep. I feel devastated (like having my husband distant from me wasnt enough to make me think that life is crap!……)

Anyway, it took me about 1 hour after the robbery to call the Visa/Mastercard and cancel all my cards (enough time for the thiefs to spend about R$ 4.000,00 from my account). Anyway, today (16/01) I spoke to my bank manager and thank God I have insurance on my cards, so I am safe!living_cosy_chimney

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  1. I’m glad you’re safe and sound my love.

  2. Thank you, my Darling. Yes…. its terrible things like this can happen. Thank God there was no violence and no money will be taken from us. Love you.