Mother (Mãe)
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Tale_of_peter_rabbit_12  Mother, this January 25th it will be one more year since you passed away.p1.gif

I still miss you every single day. Hope there´s a heaven above us and its beautiful and that you´re having lots of fun there.peterrabbit.jpg

I would like very much to upload your pictures here, but you died before the digital cameras and I have no scanner here so….714BHNtAPDL._SL1500_

Thank you for have been the most wonderful Mum. I love you. www.peterrabbit.competer-rabbit.jpg

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  1. Such sweet words my love. I expect somehow the spirit of your mother will know that you’re thinking of her. I can only try to comprehend just how difficult your loss has been and although the passing of time makes these things easier, I hope your fondest memories never fade. As soon as you can, we should get some pictures of your mother on here. Bring them over baby.

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely words, my Husband. I am so sure that, wherever my mother is, she is very happy to see I am married to such a wonderful man. She will always be wishing us the very best!!
    I will bring pictures for sure, my Darling Husband. Thank you love!