my Mozilla Firefox and my Skype HATE each other!
Posted by Ana Lucia at 1:09 am in Ana's Rants

Yes, that´s right. They dont go together and make me really annoyed. My husband has been patiently trying to help me sort out this problem, but still its a hassle.


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  1. Ana runs Windows XP on an Athlon 1.2ghz processor with 256mb of Ram.These two programmes are constantly fighting over the limited amount of Ram. The idea is to give Skype priority. Every time she goes to answer a call, or opens Firefox when using Skype, her computer pretty much slows to a crawl. Sometimes she has to restart as well. Her PC appears (I’ve run as many checks as I can think of) to be free of any nasties. I think the best things to do is upgrade the Ram to 1GB but if anyone else has any good suggestions then your thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated.