Thank you for being a friend
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Dear Karen,Thank you so much for your honest friendship. We know for sure you wish us all the best. We feel blessed to have friends like you, Ben and the kiddies.


Thank you Tony, Lesley, Lucy and Robert. We really enjoyed the wonderful dinner! Hope to meet you soon!!p1010049.JPG

Thank you, David, Mary and Josephine for being so special for us!


Thank you, Tony, for coming to our wedding!!imagem-255.jpg

Gerald & Debbie, we hope to see you soon!



Dear friends Ernest & Magda, it was lovely to meet you in London (during our honeymoon). Hopefully we will have an opportunity to visit you in Poland.

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  1. Look how teeny tiny Josephine is! Also, I forgot that Tony was a “ginga” before he lost his hair. Gerald (in the wedding suit) looks like he’s busting for a pee (or more). And baby! You should tell the story of why you look so orange in the David, Mary & Josephine pictures sometime 🙂

  2. Tiger Tiger, I am having such fun reading your comment! Brilliant as usual my Love!
    Yeah… Gerald DOES look like he is busting for a pee!
    I was “the orange woman” at the time indeed…. thanks for the LOADS of paw paws I ate. But you know what? There are people who eat as much paw paws as they want and they dont change their skin color. Why on earth it happens to me???! Am I a mutant??
    Yes, Josephine is tiny in the photos. Maybe she will be a young lady next time we meet her?
    Love you, my Husband!

  3. PS: we must include Ernest & Magda 🙂