I am MISSING you much more than words can say….
Posted by Ana Lucia at 2:21 pm in Ana's Musings...

My Darling,

I am missing you so….i-cant-sleep-i-miss-my-husband

And I am here, in my little single bedroom listening to the same nice Paradiso radio songs we listened together.

I sent you a msg in your mobile, but you didnt reply so I hope your afternoon is going well.

I wish you were here with me, my Husband. I love you.


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  1. Sorry sweet. I left the mobile in the truck. By the time I thought to look it was way past when you sent those messages. I know you were really missing me today. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you the attention you deserved and desired.

  2. My Husband Darling, I MISS you every single second. You mean everything to me. I know I am the luckiest girl in the world. I love you. You are my husband forever.