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Oh! Look at this! My stupid broadband is working now so I can write this post!!!! I am SO F*** happy! Hooray!!!ooo.jpg

Its been almost a week that both my internet and cable TV are not working… This is making me feel so angry and upset and frustrated. First of all, because I need the internet to communicate with my Darling Husband who is in the other side of the planet. Second, I need the internet for so many things: emails, read the news, bank..upnorth

I also like to have the TV on, specially in the evenings – when I come home after a working day. Watching Oprah, Manhattan Connection, Nigella, Alternativa Saúde, Menu Confiança and Jamie Oliver at Home gives me comfort!Fantastic-Office-Room-with-TV-Cozy-Couch-Wooden-Cabinets-and-Brown-Floor

I sent an email to cable and broadband company (NET) and they gave me a completely useless nonsense response. They could probably use some “Ass Screws” from Bunnings… (see below)

Anyway, hopefully this huge hassle will be sorted out soon and than I will recover my sanity.tempest.jpg

(a few days later….)

As I wrote above, I am having the biggest hassle with my broadband and cable TV.

Its been a week I dont have cable TV at all and I have just a bit of broadband. Its annoying me so much! Its terrible! I feel “disconnected” to the world. Without cable and broadband, my little single bedroom looks so small…
For instance, this morning my Husband had to call me on my phone instead of usual Skype because of this useless internet…. he has been spending LOADS of Skype Out credits…

Anyway, after we hang up, I realize the internet is working….. Thankfully!girl-on-computer-happy

Least, but not last, my father called NET (broadband and cable) looking for an explanation of whats going on. They said we aren´t getting any reception because they are changing wires and cables, etc…. also they expect at midnight of January 30th both services will be back to normal. Jesus!! 10 days!! Finally, my father asked if he´d get a discount for this month. They said no because my father didnt complain beforehand. Now they already printed the invoice……phonecallwithpattytoppaneledit

Hard to believe….. Unbelievable…..


Today is my 11:oo PM of February, 14th. The broadband has been fixed, but NOT the cable…. they couldnt fix it yet. They promised cable TV will be working by February 21th. We´ll see…..

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