Twin Aunties revenge…
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Twin AuntsHey Sweety. Do you know that I’ve lost 3kgs since I’ve been back here. I think I actually did most of the hard work walking it off in Rio. But, it didn’t actually start falling off until I got back here. Man, did we walk. Plus all the good fruit and salads etc. Even if I did succumb to the Aunties and their “icy creamies”.140508_fagyizok

This time I got off quite lightly though as you took the brunt of their verbosity and I just got to sit back and relax and try to watch TV while they chatted. For me it was good because I didn’t have to concentrate so hard on having to converse. It can be real hard work talking to two women who have the ability to listen and talk about six subjects at the same time. You did very well my love.amazingly-delicious-cake-297365

Fair enough if only one talked at the same time, but of course the twin aunties don’t.

Now. Auria and Elizabeth. Please don’t be offended. Truth is, I love you both, very much. You know that Ana does as well. You know this. So, we’re just trying to have a bit of fun here. It fact, we have SO much fun sitting there listening to you two gabbling away. As much as we have complained (never to yourselves) about the fact that we never get to watch any TV, we do enjoy spending our evenings with you. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t come over.IMAG0357

We’re now at the point where we have completely given up on the hope that we might actually be able to watch any TV. So, in many ways, you’re actually doing us a favour. We shouldn’t be so addicted to TV. Thank you.GetAttachment.aspx.jpg5

It’s funny how the Aunties welcome you into their house on the pretext of letting you (us) watch TV. Of course we say yes. It’s amazing how much you miss TV when you don’t have it. We enter, always with the expectation that we’ll see some quality viewing. Amazing. No trepidation. We gleefully enter into the Twin Aunties domain. We’re welcomed into their home and made to feel free to do whatever we wish. We get ushered to the couch which is facing the TV. I get given the remote and you get to snuggle up against me. We relax. We get settled. The Aunties POUNCE! (They must practice when we’re not watching…)Pounce

First things first. They have two chairs which they place either side of us. Instead of facing them towards the TV, they place them towards us. Because the chairs are higher than our seating position, it’s almost like (it can never be) being interrogated. “You vill talk to us and ve vill leave ze TV on to torture you”. “Ve vill constantly talk to you unt you vill listen!”.Chocolate-1

I still haven’t figured out how both Aunties can be talking to us at the same time and then one of then suddenly appears from the kitchen with a tray full of drinks and food. When did Auria go into the kitchen? How come we didn’t notice?

They must have cast a spell on us.We luffs youz

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  1. My Darling Husband, this is such a BRILLIANT post! I LOVE it!
    To start, I love the Twin Aunties. They are my second mothers. the aunties are actually my mother´s youngest sisters and best friends ever. When my mum was alive, they would call each other on the phone many times to chat.
    My Mother once said to me: “when I die, Aurea and Elizabeth will be the ones looking after you in my place.” My mother was right.
    They are Cam´s and myself´s aunties with whom we know we can count on for everything we need.
    Besides letting us stay in the Twin Aunties Motel for as long as we want, they are always wanting to do nice things for us. They miss having us there, as their neighbors.
    As I am in Rio, every single weekend I go have lunch with them.
    They get me comfortable sited on the couch. They give me the remote and tell me to watch anything I want on the TV. They give me pastries and Coca Cola. They seat by my side.
    And they talk all the time, at the same time………