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Last Thursday, finally, my cable TV was sorted out. They put a new device which will be the same one for digital TV. The good news is that now, for the same plan (and price) I already had, I´ve got German, French, Spanish and Italian TV, plus 6 more movie channels. Not bad…Garfield_BalloonRide

Yesterday evening I watched “Little Miss Sunshine” at Telecine Premium (the new releases channel) and loved it. What a good movie. All the actors are excellent and the story truly entertains you.

There is also a very strange thing that happened. I´ve got a prepaid mobile which was given to me buy my husband, while I was still living in New Zealand. When I came back to Brasil, I bought TIM´s SIM card which is compatible with Vodaphone´s and never had any problems sending msgs to Cam. Last week, out of the blue, I cant send msgs to him anymore. I tried everything to find out what was the problem. o-que-é-cupcakeContacted TIM many times (they didnt have a clue – only tried to sell me a new mobile), sent msgs to Gerald in Australia and to cam´s father and friend in NZ – it worked well! – and got my husband to contac Vodaphone. PS: I can recieve msgs without any problems. The thing is, Vodaphone also has no idea about what the problem is so we, Cam and I, can NOT send msgs to each other anymore.1383385407  valentine-Garfield The weather is so hot and humid here. I cant live without my air conditioner. It would be impossible to sleep without it. Its like you have a shower and, unless you stay locked inside a room with full air conditioning, you will be totally sweaty. No flies or other insects thought.

I LOVE showers. It feels so good and refreshing. The water has a great purifying power. Its works like magic. Oh! How I wish Cam and I were in Paraty now, swimming, feeling free and happy!!!!580528843_1614708

My PC´s mouse is not working anymore. That´s good I kept the old one because the mouse I was using til yesterday was very hot and probably had something burnt inside….christmas_tree_fireplace_1024_127315_1024x1024

This is my Sunday morning and soon I will be going to have lunch at the aunties. If it wasnt so terribly hot I´d be happy to walk towards their place and do some exercise.


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Last week
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I love my Blog and miss posting.

*** If you want to keep your computer screen really clean, just try this!!!****005

Anyway, last week wasnt the best for me. First, let me tell you, I had three days of really painful headache (I felt like a knife was going through my neck till my right eye) and yet I had to work 7 hours per day. I took so many different tablets, put an icebag on my head, but nothing seemed to help. keep-calm-and-stay-strong-2693

By Friday I was completely exausted….

Saturday, my highlight was talking to my husband on Skype (we left Skype on for hours) and watching “Russian Dolls” on DVD. By the way, Russian Dolls is a GREAT movie! Its a continuation of “Spanish Apartment” and its even better than that one. The movie shows quite a lot of Paris, London and St. Petersburg. Awesome!!! Actually, I purchased this DVD to watch together with Cam but, to my surprise, no english subtitles.keep_calm_and_let_the_storm_rage_on_by_bravemoongirl-d726790

Daylight savings finish today here in Brasil which means there´s a 15 hours difference between Rio and Whangarei. Nevermind. Oh! its almost a month for me to get the plane to NZ and be in my beloved husband´s arms again! We will have another honeymoon!!!!!! Countdown starts!!!008

I got really upset this week because all of a sudden, I cant send msgs in my mobile to Cam, in NZ, so I tried to find out whats the problem and called mobile company (TIM) a zillion times. Either they put me on hold forever or, after I explained the problem, they (of course they didnt have a clue about how to sort it out) told me their system was off and I need to wait 30 min and call again. Strawberry+cheesecakeHow can they be SO incompetent?! For Christ sake!! Althought my internet is going now, there is no cable TV here yet. The stupid people werent able to fix the problem yet and we are waiting forever (more than a month….).

Its so hot here! If I didnt have the air conditioner in my little room, I wouldnt be able to sleep at all. And walking for five min is enough to make you sweat like a pig!Bewitched-bewitched-20071085-500-312

There is a mall here very close to my father´s place and all the shops there are on sale so I might go there and see if there´s any nice & cheap item I could buy for the little house (our little place in Whangarei).

I am trying to think what else…… not much else…….Bedroom-Fireplace-Ideas-40-1-Kindesign

I MISS my husband terrible. I just cant wait to be in his arms again. LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU my Husband SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! camanapics-862.jpg

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Our Wedding Reception!
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This a very tiny bit of our wonderful wedding reception. Everest hotel top floor restaurant.

Amazing views, awesome service, lovely food…

I LOVE this video! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!

dscf1314 dscf1315 dscf1341 dscf1359 dscf1362 dscf1364 dscf1393 dscf1424


Our wedding ceremony
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This is the video of our wedding ceremony. January 13th, 2006. Register office. Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.

The happiest day in my life so far.

I have two places to call home: Rio and Whangarei
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Yes. These two places are home to me now.camanapics-1236.jpg

I received a call this morning from the justice´s secretary to inform me about my work leave. The possibility being able to spend lots of time in Whangarei again made me think about this.camanapics-1257.jpg

And this is also interesting because my experience in the first semester of 2007 was the first time I lived outside Brasil and I lived in a place so different from Rio. Plus, there are things I hate about Rio. There are many things I love about New Zealand!!2007april-960.jpg

But this “city” thing is all beside the point here because what makes me think and feel HOME is the “family thing” and the emotional value of everything.2007april-998.jpg

I have been living in this apartment in Leblon, Rio, since I was 10 years old. There are so many memories. There is a lot of my mother in this apartment (we still keep her cloths and personal things inside her wardrobe….).camanapics-1131.jpg And there is my father here, and my brother. Outside this apartment, there is aunties place and aunt Nina´s place as well. To my point of view (and maybe there´s a bit of cultural aspects), in Rio Cam and I have much more family support. And there are many times I imagine how would be our day to day routine in Rio.dscf0978.jpg

In Whangarei, my family is my husband, Cameron. And our little place. Our place where we set things the way we want. camanapics-533.jpgWe have a day to day routine we built together (like my husband making cafe com leite and bringing it to me in bed every morning or going out together100_71311.JPG for supermarket shopping, there is the Library which is my favorite place in town, the second hand bookshops, Sunday cleaning, our experimental cooking, etc…). We can walk into parks and forests, we can make picnics. Soon I will meet my new friends at WINGS group and it can make a difference.dscf0990.jpg

Another interesting thing is that we have more “history” in New Zealand than in Brasil (although, as I said, we have a stronger loving family in terms of emotional and material support for us – sorry! – in Brasil).200604nznorthisland-416.jpg

I have been learning A LOT, life has been teaching me SO MUCH since I met my husband and I feel absolutely blessed for this.


Cheers, God!

Know what, I wrote about Auckland below. Auckland is very special to me because its such an amazing, exciting and beautiful place and living there with all the options avaliable is so appealing to me. But its not home (at least not yet).100_7838.JPG

Hopefully, a nice solution will come for Cam and I to be living together again SOON, because we want to have a baby. Also, hopefully, our child will be safe and happy in this crazy crazy world.100_7139.JPG

It will be so interesting to see how I am going to feel next time I arrive in Whangarei. But one thing is for sure: it has grown deep on me.

Rio and Whangarei are home to me now. And I feel myself a very lucky girl!




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A place called home
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“A Place Called Home” (by P J Harvey)
One day  I know  We’ll find A place of hope Just hold on to me Just hold on to me Walk tight One line You’re wantedFreshening flowers Wood roof truss Cozy bed sofa Colorful sofa cushions
This time There’s no-one to blame Just hold on to me And I’m right on time And the birds keep singing And you’re right on line
And the bells keep ringing } come on my love And the battle is won And the planes keep winging And I’m right on time
And the girl keeps singing One day there will be a place for us1-cozy-house

I walk I wade Through full lands And lonely I stumble I stumble With you I wait To be born Again With love comes the day
Just hold on to me One day there will be a place for us
Now is the time to follow through, to read the signs  Now the message is sent, let’s bring it to its final end

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About me…. (Ana)
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I am introspective, but not shy. I enjoy my solitude, but always prefer my husband´s company. 006I choose my friends (not easy to become my friend – I prize intimacy and save it for a very select few), although I can talk to everybody that comes along. I like a little coffee with my milk/cream and sweetener. I like my things cleaned and organized. Harmony is essential to me. Watching Dvds is always a very good way to spend time.046 Rich tones are my favorites, deep blues, tourquoises, forest greens, reds and all deep pinks. I can be sensitive and loving, but make no mistake – I am very logical when necessary. I buy books but never read them. I love Jeans and wear them all the time. They either look really great on a woman – or you have to try on at least 10-50 to find the brands / cuts that are right for your body shape. 004I understand the importance of money and respect mine. Putting on some disco music to dance with my husband is FUN! I am very committed and faithful to everything I consider important in my life. 011I am possessive. Travelling is a HUGE passion. I enjoy food much more than I wish I did. Good food gives me comfort and makes the world a better place. Trying something new or learning something new makes me feel good about myself (when I can do it). I would probably shrivel up and die if I had to live without electricity – I’m spoiled and I choose it. Room service over camping (any day)!100_7252.JPG I like who I am, even though I may be weaker in some areas that I wouldn’t like to be weak in. Health and love are the greatest blessings one can have. Being loved by my Husband makes me feel the most important woman on earth. I LOVE my Cameron very much.

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