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Last Thursday, finally, my cable TV was sorted out. They put a new device which will be the same one for digital TV. The good news is that now, for the same plan (and price) I already had, I´ve got German, French, Spanish and Italian TV, plus 6 more movie channels. Not bad…Garfield_BalloonRide

Yesterday evening I watched “Little Miss Sunshine” at Telecine Premium (the new releases channel) and loved it. What a good movie. All the actors are excellent and the story truly entertains you.

There is also a very strange thing that happened. I´ve got a prepaid mobile which was given to me buy my husband, while I was still living in New Zealand. When I came back to Brasil, I bought TIM´s SIM card which is compatible with Vodaphone´s and never had any problems sending msgs to Cam. Last week, out of the blue, I cant send msgs to him anymore. I tried everything to find out what was the problem. o-que-é-cupcakeContacted TIM many times (they didnt have a clue – only tried to sell me a new mobile), sent msgs to Gerald in Australia and to cam´s father and friend in NZ – it worked well! – and got my husband to contac Vodaphone. PS: I can recieve msgs without any problems. The thing is, Vodaphone also has no idea about what the problem is so we, Cam and I, can NOT send msgs to each other anymore.1383385407  valentine-Garfield The weather is so hot and humid here. I cant live without my air conditioner. It would be impossible to sleep without it. Its like you have a shower and, unless you stay locked inside a room with full air conditioning, you will be totally sweaty. No flies or other insects thought.

I LOVE showers. It feels so good and refreshing. The water has a great purifying power. Its works like magic. Oh! How I wish Cam and I were in Paraty now, swimming, feeling free and happy!!!!580528843_1614708

My PC´s mouse is not working anymore. That´s good I kept the old one because the mouse I was using til yesterday was very hot and probably had something burnt inside….christmas_tree_fireplace_1024_127315_1024x1024

This is my Sunday morning and soon I will be going to have lunch at the aunties. If it wasnt so terribly hot I´d be happy to walk towards their place and do some exercise.


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