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Hello! Its always nice to write in our little Blog.

This is so COOL!! If you listen to DSC – 729 (Adam CurryAdam_Curry_portrait ), you will listen to my husband´s msg!!! 100_7145.JPGSuch a sexy voice… Oh my God!!!

This is my Sunday morning and I guess this is the better time of week to write. Specially because its so terribly hot and I dont really fancy getting all “sweaty grossy” under the strong Sun. So I just had a very nice shower, washed my hair. Feel so refreshed!!Thats the good way to start your day. refreshing_bath_decor_l

So now my husband wakes me up on Skype, we talk, I make my “cafe com leite”Cappuccino, make the bed, go have a very nice shower, get dressed and put on my make up, take my time going to get the underground bus, go buy some nice pastries bakerydisplayand drinks, go to the bank if I need to and, only after all that, I go to work. PS: and still I would arrive there early enough to leave work just a bit after 5PM.The weekend runs so fast! Like, its your Friday night… you “blink” and its your Sunday evening already. Bummer!
Anyway, yesterday morning it was raining quite a lot here. I was initially planning on having a walk around in a very nice shopping center called Downtown spaceball.gifspaceball.gifdowntown_05g.jpg(I went there last time on January 2006 with Cam). Its an open sky mall (like a little “shopping city” with loads of shops, restaurants, movie theaters, etc….) downtown.JPGIts so good to walk around there. It has such a special atmosphere. I would love to go there for a dinner out with my husband. They are always playing good music in many restaurants and there are so many good options. I dont know why, but there are many shops and restaurants that you cant find anywhere else in Rio. But… anyway, it was raining chuva.jpgso I just had to go to Barra Mall instead. It wasn’t bad but wasn’t good as well. Nothing interesting to see. Hopefully the weather will be good next Saturday so I will spend my morning in Downtown Mall.

PS: why eat sweets when you can eat LOADS of sweet fruits???! fresh-fruits-vegetables-2419

When it was about 12:00PM I got the underground bus to Copacabana because, as usually, I was going to have lunch with my twin aunties. This underground bus is so good. Its very comfortable, with air conditioner, and its quite safe!9c62e6f81fe167bc016725bdb711dbda

The aunties bought some very nice eggplant pastries. They are really good and low calorie. Its another option for me besides the usual ricotta-turkey or ricotta-raising-chicken pastries. In the evening I only ate fruits (watermelon and apples).200604NZNorthIsland 435

It was so good just that I and my husband just left Skype on for a long time and spent time “together” until I felt deep sleep.

There was some good TV shows on. My favorite channels are GNT and Discovery Home and Health. I watched Chef at Home, What not to Wear, Divine Design, Whats Good for You, Saia Justa…002 (2)

The WONDERFUL news is that on March 19th I will be getting the plane! I will be on my way to New Zealand!! I will be flying to my Husband´s arms!!!!! I MISS him so much. He means everything to me. Its going to be another honeymoon for us. Cant wait to look into his blue blue eyes and feel his arms around my waist. 100_5574Cant wait to caress his hair while he drives, walk around holding hands, do everything TOGETHER. I am looking forward to go to the Saturday Market with Cam and choose some nice and fresh products for his delicious cooking, to go on drives, to go to the Library, to meet my WINGS friends…. its going to be so much fun. I am sure.Rio 2008 December 241

My Check list to New Zealand: Jamie Oliver DVDs, plus cooking books, tooth paste, knife and fork set, frying pans, palmito, olive oil, kitchen towels bag ….. please, help me my Husband, if I forgot anything….

I LOVE you so much, my Darling Cameron. YOU are the love of my life.

100_7287.JPG 861f692398fcd3feb829bbb4224a4d13

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  1. You’re the love of my life too baby! Nice post my love. I really enjoyed reading that. Your checklist is good my love. I can’t think of anything else. Besides, all I really want is YOU.