A bit after Midnight
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This is 12:19AM (thursday) and I should be sleeping.charlie-brown-snoopy-moon

But the thing is: Wednesday and Thursday are my favorite TV nights so I couldnt miss it. I waited until the last TV show finished and finally went to have my shower. I was feeling gross and now I feel very good and refreshed and purified.Rio 014

Something very cool happened last Monday: Adam Curry played my msg during DSC 730! Yes! I thought my voice sounded a bit retarded, but it feels very good to be on his show!!!! Thank you Adam! Hope he manages to bring Patricia to the show.garfield_mornings

The weather is terribly HOT here in Rio and it makes me feel very annoyed. Like I am always feeling stinky and sweaty, lots of people on the streets are stinky…. oh, boy. And everywhere, there is air conditioner very high so its no good to wear light summer clothes depending on where you go.cupcake-3

I like to watch Oprah and today´s show was quite good. There was a woman who had loads of debt and couldnt manage to get out of the bankrupt situation. 100_5597So, the financial analyst, Suze Ormond, was there to give tips about how to make the most of your money and guarantee for yourself a safe life and, most important, a safe retirement. Suze wrote several books and I would love to purchase one of them called “Women and Money” but, as I read on Amazon reviews, she mention american laws and financial systems so I am afraid I wount be able to make as good use of the book as I would like to.

I am going to bed now. I shall continue the post tomorrow.Garfield_sleeping

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