Just a couple of days and I will be in New Zealand!!!!
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This is my Saturday morning (March, 15th) and its raining here, in Rio.

Just woke up, had my “cafe com leite” and checked my emails. Only a couple of days now for me to get the plane and go to NZ meet my beloved Husband. I just cant wait to be in his arms again. I MISS him every single second. He is the love of my life!100_7272

Yesterday was a good day at work. We had a “pizza party” (cheese-basil-tomato pizza, cheese chicken pizza, four cheeses pizza, portuguese pizza, banana-cinamon pizza and chocolate pizza). It was so yummy.12504752034610

I will start to pack my things to NZ now and then I will go have lunch with my aunties.chocolate-cola-cake

I just cant wait to be in my Husband´s arms again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!toasted-blueberry-muffin1 This is ALL I want. He is my treasure, my life, my everything.

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