I MISS Whangarei
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Oh my Gosh!

I do miss it. I miss being in a small city. Small, cozy and comfortable (more than Rio). I miss going for walks, buying fruit, vegetables, bread and sausages at the Sunday Morning market.SAMSUNG I miss Mair Park. I miss going to the Library and read all those magazines. I miss choosing DVDs with my husband at Civic. I miss having a look at Paper Plus and Whitcoulls.  And the most important thing is being together with my husband, my very beloved husband, at the little house. Experimental cooking, watching TV, sleep and wake up together, eating a delicious breakfast made by my hubby while watching Breakfast News at One channel and checking my emails on my little laptop.SAMSUNG

Today I received WINGSNZ ( Women´s International Newcomers Group Social) http://www.wingsnz.blogspot.com/ newsletter and, I say this from the deep of my heart, I would LOVE to participate on their events. How much fun!  Thats all. When I finally go to live in Whangarei (because eventually I will feel a 100% percent sure and confident), I will have this large nice and fun group of friends.  Having so many events to attend, I wonder if there will be any time left to enjoy my hubby….. It feels so good to read WINGS Blog.100_8955

I had a hassle today.

Some time ago (you can read here, older posts) I had a huge problem with my broadband (Virtua) and, at the time, I decided to change to another broadband service called Velox. I went through their website and filled a form asking for their broadband. Later on, I found out they are changing me the use of their services even if they never installed their modem…. Today (after one hour waiting, I asked to cancel Velox. Bastards!!! I dont have to pay anything anyway for a service I never got!!!!! And they are so stupid, they say the technician would contact me to take their modem back. But as I had to repeat a zillion times: I DONT have their modem!!! It was NEVER installed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, what I am going to do now is go to sleep, listening to a relaxation meditation yoga CD and think only about wonderful thing for me and my Cameron.SAMSUNG

Less than one month for him to arrive here!!! And we will go to Buzios!!! Yay!

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I was getting frustrated about not being able to read the keys on my Kohjinsha SH8 laptop. I had it imported from Japan and naturally it came with a Japanese keyboard. The writing/marking on the keys was really difficult to read, especially at night, even with the lights on. I was just getting too much eye strain. I had to find a solution.

I went on a hunt through the webby-tubes and found several sites that had what I was looking for. I ended up settling for a set of three templates from Glowing Keyboards. For a US$22 you get three sets of a full keyboard that you just peel off and stick over your keys. The sticker sizes are large enough to cover a standard desktop or laptop keyboard. They even managed to fit over most of the keys on my Kohjinsha. I had to cut some of them to fit the more unusually designed key shapes, but the end result was fantastic. But first a picture to show you the difference between the original keys and a few with the stickers already on. Sorry about the quality but my camera is pretty poor:

Keyboard with Glowing Keys and original keys

Now these keys don’t actually glow on their own accord. They just reflect the ambient light in the room. That’s all you need though as even in pitch dark the stickers get sufficient light from the light produced by the screen. Here’s the finished result. Err, well, almost finished. I see that the Page down sticker isn’t on yet in this photo and I couldn’t decide what sticker to put on the remaining Japanese only key, but you get the idea:

Kohjinsha SH8 with Glowing Keyboard Stickers

Now, there are a few other companies out there that supply very similar stickers. One is My Glow Keys, but they wouldn’t respond to my email, so they got the ditch quick pronto. As a contrast Glowing-keyboards.com responded immediately tomy enquires. I was asking about delivery to New Zealand as most US site never quote delivery costs to other countries. Likewise, none of them have ever heard of the Post Office and seem to think that Fed-Ex is the ONLY way to shift physical goods.

Another set was from Latkey. Now, I LOVE, absolutely LOVE these keyboard stickers. Especially because they DO have stickers that actually glow in the dark. There are two reasons as to why I chose not to buy. One is that they were more expensive, but most importantly, they only give you a template of the qwertry and number keys and nothing else. If that’s all you require then these would be a great buy:

Latkey glow in the dark keyboard sticker template

Compare this to the full set from Glowing Keys:

Glowing Keys keyboard template sample

Lastly, there’s one more reason that I love my new Glowing-Keyboard stickers is that I went from an awkward Japensese keyboard layout to a United States keyboard layout. So much nicer to use. No more struggling to find those damned @ and underscore keys.

So far the stickers have stood up to the test of time and I’m very pleased with my purchase. Highly recommended.

Ana too has used one of the two remaining sticker templates on her laptop. Her keyboard was great and I had no problems reading the keys as they were, but I’m really glad she decided to put those stickers on. It really does make a great difference.

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This is really nice…
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I was just doing a little surfing the net while watching one of my absolutely favorite TV series (Desperate Housewives) and found this “Zen Habits” blog. (http://zenhabits.net/2008/04/the-simple-life/)

Anyway, I just loved to read this:009

The Simple LifeRio 2008 December 174

  • Quiet mornings.
  • Sing-a-long songs in the car.
  • Sunset and a drink with my husband.AspenCozyHome
  • Runner’s high on a long run.
  • Cuddling up and watching a DVD with my husband.
  • Walking outside after it rains.cozy_winter_night_backgrounds_by_melodylady-d4iiwbo
  • Writing a post for 50,000 people, in my pajamas.
  • Feeling sick and lying in bed all day without having to call my boss.living_cosy_chimney
  • Time alone with a good book.
  • Freshly brewed coffee.Snoopy_and_Woodstock_camping
  • My hot veggie soup on a cold day.
  • Writing before the sun rises.
  • Fresh, cold berries.cozy_winter_night_dsc
  • A long conversation with a friend.
  • Succumbing to a mid-afternoon nap.charlie-brown-christmas2
  • The feeling of satisfaction after a workout.
  • Waking up to a clean, uncluttered living room.ht-chocolate-2
  • Collapsing after finishing a marathon, exhausted but in love with life.1600x1200-fantastic-cozy-home-decor
  • Spending time with my husband on a Saturday afternoon, baking sweets.
  • Letting a warm chocolate chip cookie melt in my mouth with my eyes closed.
  • A long hot shower.
  • Walking with the sand between my toes as the sun goes down.cd0fa4d8c4f2b711614b3363db66dc33
  • Listening to the sound of waves lapping a white sand beach.
  • A hug when I need it.4f7d37bb6c087
  • Dew on the grass in the morning.

If anybody would like to add simple habits that make our lives happier and this world a better place to live, please, dont be shy. We would love to read your commentscameron-i-love-you-with-all-the-pecies-of-my-heart-1


Waiting for my husband to come over (Rio)
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I asked my husband to please, come over on May 31th for a fast stay, just until June 8th.SAMSUNG

Such a short time together but I cant complain. Considering the situation, we are so lucky to being able to meet….  SAMSUNG

Its been a week since I arrived back from NZ and still I feel a bit strange to be here, in Rio.DSCN1695I am sure that one day things will get into place and we will be finally living together. I will wait as long as its necessary.



Its been a week and a half since I arrived back in Rio and the city doesnt look so strange. But still I have this void inside me because of missing the wonderful time with my husband in New Zealand.

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Picture of Radio Your Way LX 512MBI’m addicted to a device called the Radio Your Way LX. It’s made by Pogo and is an MP3 player with a built in AM/FM Radio and speakers. It’s the AM radio that I really love about this device and of course it’s ability toplay MP3’s. I hardly use the speakers as they’re not very powerful, so instead I use ear buds. If it was possible, I would have the LX welded to my side and the earbuds grafted to my ears. This model is now discontinued, but a replacement will be coming out sometime this year. Apple got upset with them because they thought it looked too much like the iPod. Bad Apple, Bad!

Anyway. I recently ordered some accessories from the makers of this device. However, they wanted a WOPPING US$50 for delivery. I asked on a forum, that I frequent for the RYW LX, if anyone would be happy for me to send the items I needed to them, and then, have them forward these items to me. Thankfully I received a positive response from one of the regulars to this forum; Big Ed!

I liaised with Ed and he allowed me to forward the items to his place. He even sent me the items for FREE at a personal cost to him of US$7.50 not to mention the time he took going to his local post office and packaging etc. How nice is that? It’s a darned sight less than the US$50 Pogo wanted though and I’m really grateful to Ed.

He also sent me a picture:

Big Texan Ed. A man with a heart of gold.

Someone had stolen his garbage can and his beer. He got them back!

Don’t mess with Big Ed!

Ed is from Texas and he has a heart of gold. He seems like a really nice man from the little correspondence I’ve had with him. I hope we get to keep in touch.

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I saw other friends off today.
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It was hard enough seeing Ana go, but today I also saw off friends who have had a fleeting visit to New Zealand. David, Mary & Josephine:

Mair Park in Whangarei Thankfully Ana had a chance to meet my good friends for the second time.Her first occasion was in the UK just after we got married.Ana Jo and I

Now I know I’ll be seeing Ana shortly, but I found today hard because of David’s parents. They’re in their 80’s and unable to travel themselves now. I don’t know when David will see his parents again. It was heavy on everyone’s mind.

David’s father watching the plane go.

Safe journey Dave, May & Jo. Here’s hoping you all come back soon. The picture is of David’s father Peter watching the plane depart.

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Sadly the love of my life has has to go back to Rio. Ana left on Sunday. We’ve had a wonderful time together once again and thankfully the weather was great while she was here. As soon as I walked out of Auckland Airport the heavens opened up. Quite appropriate considering how I felt; driving home alone.

I’ll be counting every day until Ana and I meet again. I’m missing you so much my love.

Ana at the sumit of Rangitoto Volcano

This photo was taken at the summit of an extinct volcano called Rangitoto. It last erupted somewhere around three hundred years ago. The island is a short 20minute ferry ride from Auckland central. You can go out there for the day. It’s quite a hard walk to the summit if you take the direct route, or you can take a ride on a cart pulled by a tractor. Well worth the one hour hike to the top, especially on such a beautiful day.200604NZNorthIsland 440

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I am in New Zealand with my beloved Husband
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Hello, readers!


Its been a while since I’ve had the chance to write in the Blog, but I have been busy enjoying a wonderful time with my darling husband here in Whangarei. 100_8319.JPG

First of all, I would like to say that I really like our new little house. Its very comfortable. We’ve got all the space we need, its central, we have plenty of warm water… 100_8338.JPG I feel very comfortable here. Feel safe. Feel good. 100_8352.JPG

Like I said, its been a wonderful time.Very special for many reasons. This time here has now kind of changed my perception of Whangarei. I see and feel it with better eyes. Which confirms the theory that says “we create our own reality”.087

I had a bit of stress when I arrived here because my work visa expired on March 26th (I arrived on March 21th). The immigration officer at the airport didn’t give me my visitors permit and told me I would have to see the Immigration Dept on March 25th to sort out my situation. 090Really stressful for us and besides, we had to pay NZ$140,00. And, last but not least, I HAVE to leave the country on April 15th.

I and my hubby had a very nice time in Auckland. We stayed in a very nice hotel close to Queen St. for four nights and went climbed to the top of a volcano. Its an island called Rangitoto Island.

100_8253.JPG 100_8286.JPG

Also, our friends David, Mary and Josephine (from London) are here in Whangarei so we spent a very nice time together. 100_8346.JPG 100_8347.JPGIts been a little more than 2 years since we last saw them in London during our honeymoon. 100_8371.JPG This picture was taken at Mair Park, which is right in the center of Whangarei and you dont get this in many cities.

Today I finally met my new WINGS friends Liane, Gina and Melissa at the Town Basin and they seem lovely. I know for sure that their friendship and support will help me a lot. And this nice group is in Whangarei!! I am so lucky, I am so blessed.


Anyway, every moment I spend with my Husband is a very special moment. May God always look after us and protect us.

Thank you, my Beloved handsome Cam, for making me the luckiest girl in the Universe! By the way, this Sunday it will be our Anniversary: 2 years and 3 months married.

I love you very much!

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