I am in New Zealand with my beloved Husband
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Hello, readers!


Its been a while since I’ve had the chance to write in the Blog, but I have been busy enjoying a wonderful time with my darling husband here in Whangarei. 100_8319.JPG

First of all, I would like to say that I really like our new little house. Its very comfortable. We’ve got all the space we need, its central, we have plenty of warm water… 100_8338.JPG I feel very comfortable here. Feel safe. Feel good. 100_8352.JPG

Like I said, its been a wonderful time.Very special for many reasons. This time here has now kind of changed my perception of Whangarei. I see and feel it with better eyes. Which confirms the theory that says “we create our own reality”.087

I had a bit of stress when I arrived here because my work visa expired on March 26th (I arrived on March 21th). The immigration officer at the airport didn’t give me my visitors permit and told me I would have to see the Immigration Dept on March 25th to sort out my situation. 090Really stressful for us and besides, we had to pay NZ$140,00. And, last but not least, I HAVE to leave the country on April 15th.

I and my hubby had a very nice time in Auckland. We stayed in a very nice hotel close to Queen St. for four nights and went climbed to the top of a volcano. Its an island called Rangitoto Island.

100_8253.JPG 100_8286.JPG

Also, our friends David, Mary and Josephine (from London) are here in Whangarei so we spent a very nice time together. 100_8346.JPG 100_8347.JPGIts been a little more than 2 years since we last saw them in London during our honeymoon. 100_8371.JPG This picture was taken at Mair Park, which is right in the center of Whangarei and you dont get this in many cities.

Today I finally met my new WINGS friends Liane, Gina and Melissa at the Town Basin and they seem lovely. I know for sure that their friendship and support will help me a lot. And this nice group is in Whangarei!! I am so lucky, I am so blessed.


Anyway, every moment I spend with my Husband is a very special moment. May God always look after us and protect us.

Thank you, my Beloved handsome Cam, for making me the luckiest girl in the Universe! By the way, this Sunday it will be our Anniversary: 2 years and 3 months married.

I love you very much!

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