Ana’s gone and now it’s back to talking by Skype…
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Sadly the love of my life has has to go back to Rio. Ana left on Sunday. We’ve had a wonderful time together once again and thankfully the weather was great while she was here. As soon as I walked out of Auckland Airport the heavens opened up. Quite appropriate considering how I felt; driving home alone.

I’ll be counting every day until Ana and I meet again. I’m missing you so much my love.

Ana at the sumit of Rangitoto Volcano

This photo was taken at the summit of an extinct volcano called Rangitoto. It last erupted somewhere around three hundred years ago. The island is a short 20minute ferry ride from Auckland central. You can go out there for the day. It’s quite a hard walk to the summit if you take the direct route, or you can take a ride on a cart pulled by a tractor. Well worth the one hour hike to the top, especially on such a beautiful day.200604NZNorthIsland 440

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