I MISS Whangarei
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Oh my Gosh!

I do miss it. I miss being in a small city. Small, cozy and comfortable (more than Rio). I miss going for walks, buying fruit, vegetables, bread and sausages at the Sunday Morning market.SAMSUNG I miss Mair Park. I miss going to the Library and read all those magazines. I miss choosing DVDs with my husband at Civic. I miss having a look at Paper Plus and Whitcoulls.  And the most important thing is being together with my husband, my very beloved husband, at the little house. Experimental cooking, watching TV, sleep and wake up together, eating a delicious breakfast made by my hubby while watching Breakfast News at One channel and checking my emails on my little laptop.SAMSUNG

Today I received WINGSNZ ( Women´s International Newcomers Group Social) http://www.wingsnz.blogspot.com/ newsletter and, I say this from the deep of my heart, I would LOVE to participate on their events. How much fun!  Thats all. When I finally go to live in Whangarei (because eventually I will feel a 100% percent sure and confident), I will have this large nice and fun group of friends.  Having so many events to attend, I wonder if there will be any time left to enjoy my hubby….. It feels so good to read WINGS Blog.100_8955

I had a hassle today.

Some time ago (you can read here, older posts) I had a huge problem with my broadband (Virtua) and, at the time, I decided to change to another broadband service called Velox. I went through their website and filled a form asking for their broadband. Later on, I found out they are changing me the use of their services even if they never installed their modem…. Today (after one hour waiting, I asked to cancel Velox. Bastards!!! I dont have to pay anything anyway for a service I never got!!!!! And they are so stupid, they say the technician would contact me to take their modem back. But as I had to repeat a zillion times: I DONT have their modem!!! It was NEVER installed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, what I am going to do now is go to sleep, listening to a relaxation meditation yoga CD and think only about wonderful thing for me and my Cameron.SAMSUNG

Less than one month for him to arrive here!!! And we will go to Buzios!!! Yay!

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