Thank God my Husband will be close to me soon
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Thank you, God. Thank you thank you or helping us, making it possible for us to be together soon.

My Husband is the love of my life. He is my treasure. He is my reason to fight for things. He is my dream come true. He is my love, my lover, my best friend, my family.

And, if its possible to love him more, so than I love him more and more everyday.

Every time we spend together is wonderful. I am truly thankful for everything we have, for every special moment we shared, like our trip to the South Island, New Zealand, for instance.

I am so lucky I found my husband. My blue blue eyed husband.SAMSUNG

My Cameron, my soul mate. Love of my life.Shipping_to_new_zealand

Now its getting so close for us to be together. TOGETHER!! What a bliss joy happiness. This intense feeling of being the most special person in the planet.100_7127 100_7122

Haven been working quite a lot just because I want to have as much time off work as possible during the days my tiger tiger will be here with me. The Twin Aunties Motel is ready for us!!!!

Another wonderful honeymoon!08cb851e1d9084ada116658e43dc9ed0

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LOVE is destiny
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Just wanted to say this. We are so GRATEFUL, Lord. We are so blessed!!! Thank you thank you.100_7214

PS: I am able to send my husband mobile msgs again!

Bloom where you are planted!Sunflower3474359

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