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My darling husband always finds cool stuff online! Yesterday he sent me a couple of videos by Matt (the american guy who travels around the world and dances). It is so much FUN! I watched those videos like a hundred times. Also, the interview is very good. He mentions that in Africa, he had a terrible time at a bus because of the BAD smell and had to pay US$5,00 to the woman sitting next to him to switch seats so he could breath some fresh air.

I love people dancing together with Matt (and he came and filmed in Rio and São Paulo). I would love to participate and dance.

As Matt tells, he used to work as web designer until he found out he wasnt good enough and decided to quit his job to go for a around the world trip. The videos with the dancing happened casually when he was in Hanoi.

Lucky guy! He is quite famous now and get sponsors to travel and dance.

Must be so good – sooooo GOOD – when you do something you like, specially when its about creativity (and traveling 🙂 )

I dont like my job (I just want the MONEY) and I should really look for something that would make me feel happy as ocuppation……

Today, my Sunday, I am going to watch Harry Potter DVDs, maybe read (if I have time – I think I will) rest, maybe have lunch with my father and, most important – talk to my husband online.

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My Husband´s good friends
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Hello readers,

(….. and we hope to read your comments)

Its my Sunday afternoon and it has been raining and I´ve been home cozy and warm and reading and LOVING IT! Its just so great to stay home and doing the things I like to do. I dont like going to the beach. I love rainy and cold days (as long as I dont feel cold, of course).cozy-living-room-with-fireplaceliving-room-cozy-place-for-you-and-your-guests-architectural-6njdzzvzI am a “carioca” who doesnt not fit into Rio´s typical way of life. I feel like an alien in Rio. I always felt different and maybe this is why my LOVE is a forigner.cozy_christmas_by_yoshiebutt-d6v9huv

I decided to post this few words to thank my husband for his lovely friends. Cam has such nice friends (except for the Turkish one….) and I like them so so much. And I cant wait to meet Gerald & Debbie, Jacqui, the rest of the Polish family and French Lucie. Did I forget anyone??? Except for the Turkish one, all Cam´s friends are welcome to consider myself a friend. Thank you very much.cozy-decor

I have to confess my favorite kind of books are the ones about independent women living, working, loving and having babies – all in a comic style story. Example: Devil Wears Prada, Shopaholic series, When in Rome, Bridget Jones, Olivia Joules, etc, etc, etc….Gc9Xq6Bc4

Oh! How good it feels not having to go anywhere! It would be perfect if Cam was here with me now.

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A rainy and cold (well….. not really COLD, but cool enough for Rio) day. The perfect weather! Unlike the cariocas (typical ones) I dont like the sun, I dont like spending the days toasting under the strong sun getting the perfect tan.081214145712Oyqy

I wish I could stay home just reading today.

I finished “Undomestic Goddess” and now I am starting “Can you keep a secret”. Same author: Sophie Kinsella. Great! Check the Amazon website. She has a new book. Not released here (Brasil) yet.sophie-kinsella-new-books

I am here reading, relaxing and waiting for Cam to call me. I sent him 2 txt mobile msgs but he didnt answer so I understand he is busy. I am missing him so much! I could call him, but maybe he is at the factory and his father will be there, so Cam cant really speak. I wait. No problem.TeaParty

I guess I will make myself a cup of tea.

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Wonderful days together
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Dear readers,

I must confess that, although I LOVE our Blog, I feel so lazy when it comes to write a post. [Cam here: I’m worse.] But in my defence, I have to say I dont have much time to write. Every work day my husband wakes me up my 7 AM and I leave home around my 9:30AM – 10 AM to work, and be back from work around 7:30PM. So I talk to my husband, have dinner, shower and its pretty much bed time. This is a pity becaude this Blog is great and I do believe that one day it will be FAMOUS! 🙂 [Cam: Yes. We need more people reading our blog. We’d love to have have your comments, just login.]

I started reading!! Yesterday I read all “Lucy Sullivan is getting married” (Marian Keyes) book! This is a victory to me! This is great! And I´ve just started reading “The undomestic goddess” (Sophie Kinsella). This is making me feel so good. I enjoyed Marian Keyes´s book and there is a chance I will read it again. I found out about Sohpie kinsella by chance at Borders (Queen St.) because of the title “Shopaholic” got my attention… I discovered that reading will help me cope with the depression that stings me painfully all the time for being distant from my beloved husband. Nothing like keeping the mind occupied. And time does run fast this way. I promissed myself I will continue this task and plan to start reading all Harry Potter´s starting this week. I am going to keep on reading BIG TIME. My husband brought me two boxes of nice tea (Ginseng and Hops) wich makes a very nice combination with the books.

Anyway, my husband came to Rio for a ten days honeymoon. It was GREAT as usual. It was just so great being close to him again. Every time is wonderful. He arrived on a Thursday evening.

Next day we went to a city near Rio called Buzios and we were expecting something like Paraty but it was rainy and cold so the only thing we could do was walking around on Saturday, feeling cold and spending money eating at local restaurants. The hotel ( wasnt what we expected. There was quite a lot of dust on the floor so before going to bed we had to wash our feet. The shower was OK, but once the hot water disappeared and Cam had to finish his shower under cold water. Breakfast wasnt bad, but for the price we paid (R$ 315,00 for two nights) iwe were expecting a “delux” meal… ( and because of the cold weather, I think we deserved a cooked warm breakfast). At the hotel there was a tiny portuguese guy who didnt give us much assistance. He didnt seem to be expecting any guests (although the hotel was booked much in advance and I called them to comfirm if everything was OK……). I have to say, Samantha, the hotel cat, was the better hostess we had. She was the only one trying to welcome us. On the first evening, we were hungry and, even if it was raining SO MUCH, we needed to eat. We ended up having dinner at the little restaurant at the hotel where we eat two small meals, two desserts and two glasses of wine. We were charged R$ 146,00 and we had to pay cash because the visa machine wasnt working. [Cam: Great décor but way too expensive. We got shafted that night], The portuguese guy should really have told us that just next door we would be able to eat good food for a MUCH better affordable price….. On the way back to Rio (at the bus) we felt relief!

[Cam: One thing you forgot to mention my love were the mosquitoes. So many! What was funny though, was that although they keep you and I awake all night each night, they only bit you. It’s such a shame the hotel didn’t seem to give a hoot for their guests. Especially because of the atrocious weather we experienced while there. They didn’t bother asking us if there was anything we needed, or even offer the temporary use of an umbrella. They just seem to be relying on past nostalgia. The rain on the way into Buzios was so bad that the metal stormwater covers had been popped open by the strength of the water. The streets were flooded.

I have to laugh about my hair in these photos. Was it bed head? Or, was it that I forgot to brush my hair after the shower? Thanks for telling me baby 😉

Even though the weather was so bad, it stopped raining when we needed it to, which was while we walked around the town. It really is a lovely place and I’m glad we went there. It was too touristy for me. Too slick. I preferred Paraty. Even with all the tourists there, it had LIFE. Buzios is dead in comparison]

I only worked part time (from 8AM – 12PM) while Cam was here and we had the opportunity to watch Narnia, Indiana Jones and Sex & the City, wich was quite good since we dont go much to movie theaters. Also, Cam did a wonderful job here on my PC and laptop. I am so happy! 🙂

Last Saturday we had this great wedding to go. The party was amazing!! (although we both agree that OUR wedding was better!!!

[Cam: This was a pretty impressive wedding though. Sixteen best men and sixteen bridesmaids. The church was filled with flowers. They had placed six trees in the church by the alter, the trees bare, but onto each branch had been stuck dozens of white roses. A white carpet going up the steps of the church to the alter. There must have been 250 guests at least. And then the reception! How many people my love? Five hundred? More? It was held at the National Art Gallery. Waiters in white suits and gloves constantly bringing us a selection of drinks from Champagne to Water. It’s a shame we didn’t take our camera as I wanted to take photos of the food. They had three buffet tables spread throughout the venue initially with a selection of cheeses and pates. Later these changed to a more substantive meal choice. They also has three Sushi tables complete with two Geisha’s in full regalia at each table. The Sushi was the best I’ve ever had.

Last but not least were the desert tables. One table had an incredible selection of the most delicate hand crafted sweets. Tiny white roses, little tiny glasses with tiny spoons tied to the sides and the glasses filled with passionfruit brulle. TIny teddy bear grooms and brides. So many shapes and tastes. Last were the Chocolate fountains, light and dark, with the giant piles of strawberry’s and grapes.

They also gave out white jandals to the ladies who were getting tired of walking around in their high heels.

But, I do agree with you my love. Our wedding was better. For all that food, ours was nicer. We’ve got some photos we should post some time.]

My beloved Cameron made me feel like the MOST IMPORTANT WOMAN in the Universe: he sent me lovely roses (as you can see, pictures below) for Brazilian Valentine´s day and our 2 years and 5 months married anniversary.

The most beautiful woman in the world.Thank you, my darling.

This means the world to me.

I love you.

[Cam: My love. You ARE the most important woman in the universe! You are the love of my life. If only I could give you roses every day.]

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Lots of things to write about…..572680167_1585350

We had a busy and wonderful week together here in Rio and have loads of things to say (and review). I should do this as soon as I can (when I come back from work, my tonight).valday.gif

Anyway, I´ve got to rush here.

Coming back soon….DSCN1746images

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