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A rainy and cold (well….. not really COLD, but cool enough for Rio) day. The perfect weather! Unlike the cariocas (typical ones) I dont like the sun, I dont like spending the days toasting under the strong sun getting the perfect tan.081214145712Oyqy

I wish I could stay home just reading today.

I finished “Undomestic Goddess” and now I am starting “Can you keep a secret”. Same author: Sophie Kinsella. Great! Check the Amazon website. She has a new book. Not released here (Brasil) yet.sophie-kinsella-new-books

I am here reading, relaxing and waiting for Cam to call me. I sent him 2 txt mobile msgs but he didnt answer so I understand he is busy. I am missing him so much! I could call him, but maybe he is at the factory and his father will be there, so Cam cant really speak. I wait. No problem.TeaParty

I guess I will make myself a cup of tea.

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