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My darling husband always finds cool stuff online! Yesterday he sent me a couple of videos by Matt (the american guy who travels around the world and dances). It is so much FUN! I watched those videos like a hundred times. Also, the interview is very good. He mentions that in Africa, he had a terrible time at a bus because of the BAD smell and had to pay US$5,00 to the woman sitting next to him to switch seats so he could breath some fresh air.

I love people dancing together with Matt (and he came and filmed in Rio and São Paulo). I would love to participate and dance.

As Matt tells, he used to work as web designer until he found out he wasnt good enough and decided to quit his job to go for a around the world trip. The videos with the dancing happened casually when he was in Hanoi.

Lucky guy! He is quite famous now and get sponsors to travel and dance.

Must be so good – sooooo GOOD – when you do something you like, specially when its about creativity (and traveling 🙂 )

I dont like my job (I just want the MONEY) and I should really look for something that would make me feel happy as ocuppation……

Today, my Sunday, I am going to watch Harry Potter DVDs, maybe read (if I have time – I think I will) rest, maybe have lunch with my father and, most important – talk to my husband online.

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  1. I love you baby.