Tonight I’m going to watch some Harry Potter…
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…and the Order of the Pheonix to be precise. I’ve already seen half of this movie. I fell asleep halfway through. Not because it was boring, but because I was tired. I was watching it on the very Last Lan Chile flight I took. I don’t expect I’ll be flying Lan Chile again because they’re now so darned expensive. Shame, because they are such a good carrier. But, I don’t really miss them that much.

I now fly Aerolíneas Argentinas when next it’s time to meet my love. The two things I really like about Aerolíneas is that the flight times are so much better than Lan Chile for flying to Rio and also that there is just a little more seat space. Lan Chile is so cramped. It’s hard to sleep when your legs are wrapped around your ears. Then you have to contend with the interminable seven hour wait at Santiago Airport until the flight for Rio arrives. It didn’t used to be like that. There used to be only a wait of one and a half hours. Much better. With Aerolíneas I only have a two hour wait at Buenos Aires.

Anyway, I digress. Ana’s started reading the Harry Potter series. I used to read a lot of fantasy, but not any more. The Harry Potter movies (you Americans call them films don’t you?), however, are a class act. I’ve enjoyed watching them all and I can’t wait to get back into watching the fifth in the series. I hope it’s good.

By the way. I’ve been using a “cheap as” (Kiwi slang I believe) portable speaker and I’d like to say just how good it is. I use it because I’m addicted to Podcasts and Audio Books. But, I don’t think it’s a good idea to listen all the time to headphones. I tend to use only the in ear headphones (earbuds) and even though I always try my best to keep the volume down as much as possible, I still think long hours of listening even at very very low volumes, are not good for my hearing.

So, I bought this (Click on each image for a larger picture):

Sound Case - Outside View

Here’s a look inside:

Sound Case - Inside View

It was cheap. Nine Bucks! That’s around US$5. It runs on two AA batteries and gives around 7 hours of play. That’s not quite true as I find I get at least 30-40 hours. I try to switch it off when I’m not using it to save on batteries, but more often than not, I forget. So, if I was actually religious about turning it off when I’m not using it, I would probably at least treble the battery life of this device.

Now it is only mono and although tonally it’s pretty good, it’s not designed for high fidelity music, but I don’t care. I’m mostly listening to conversations so it suits me fine. I’m going to get another one in case I ever lose this one. It pumps out quite a lot of sound as well and doesn’t really distort too badly when it is pumping out those sounds. It uses flat speaker technology so it’s almost impossible to damage it. Also, you can put your MP3 player (It fits my Radio Your Way LX no probs!) inside, zip it up, and just let it play. I don’t do that though as I’m always rewinding.

Just to finish off. Some more details and some specs:

* Speaker built-into the case – no need for headphones
* Protects your audio player and accessories
* Integrated amplifier for more powerful sound
* Gold plated plug ensures superior connection
* Up to 7 hours playback on 2xAA batteries


* Impedance: 4 Ohm
* Frequency Response: ~275Hz – 200KHz
* Power Output: 3 Watt
* Power Requirements: 2x 1.5V AA Batteries (Not Included)
* Connections: L-shape 3.5mm Jack (with 7″ cable)
* Dimensions: 135x135x50 mm (WxHxD)
* Weight: 200g

Now for Harry…

PS. Baby. I’m missing you so very much. I can’t wait until we’re together again.

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  1. My husband, I am MISSING you so so much!!!!!!! I love you!