Am I a weird Brazilian girl????
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I have been wandering around people´s Blog and I have to say most of them are boring….. Not to say our Blog is better or anything. What I mean is that, at the end of the day, almost all the Blogs talk about people day to day life and experiences, diets or stupid jokes. Example: Brazilian Blogs are pretty much boring…..

I understand I am a dificult person to please. Many times I dont laugh at jokes (while everybody is laughing) and find strange things funny (when nobody else does).

The self help books, for instance. They are SO STUPID! They are made for depressed people with lack of self steem. Or they talk about the obvious or are just nonsense. Women love those self help books to fill the void inside them because they cant stand being single – they would even sell their mothers as slaves to find a husband.

Unlike many women (in Brazil at least), I hate beauty saloons. I think its just a stupid way to spend money (probably the reason I hate it so much is that they always charged me much more than the regular price because my hair is “too long” and they had to use double the products….

I dont starve and I dont spend hours of my day inside a gym club (90% of the carioca women pay more money than they can afford exercising in those gym clubs or just spend the day there, just walking round trying to get a man with wonderful body). I do look after myself, I eat salads and fruits everyday and take vitamin tablets. But I want to eat cheesecacke and chocolates when I feel like. I want to try different foods.

I live in Rio and, unlike 95% of the cariocas, I never go to the beach and I dont like the sun. I hate beer and feijoadas (beans cooked with meat, rice, slices of orange and some green vegetable that I hate and I dont know the name in english).

I hate Brazilian soap operas (unlike 99% of the Brazilian women).

I HATE HATE samba as much as I hate Brazilian music in general.

I HATE Carnival.

I am happy to read and listen news about whats going on around the world – EXCEPT for the Brazilian news (because theres only corruption, poverty and other sad stupidities).

Here is always SO darned HOT but I insist on buying scarfs, winter coats, winter hats and gloves. I even turn my room´s air conditioner to maximum cold and put my gorgeous winter coats and imagine I am walking around Vienna.

I hate soccer. I always felt like I was born in the wrong country. Maybe this is why I married a wonderful man from another culture.

Who knows?

Changing subject, yesterday I took off like 9 jeans trousers because they dont fit me anymore. And, for the first time in my life I dont get anxious about dieting of starving to fit in them. I gave them to the maids instead. PS: in Brazil, middle class can afford to have a maid.

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  1. Thank you! 😉

  2. Vem morar na India um tempo e aí vc vai AMAR DE PAIXÂO o Brasil…