Rio´s International Airport (… and loads of tears for MISSING my Husband)
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It was a Sunday afternoon, the 8Th of June. My Darling Husband was going back to New Zealand. We were kind of having a hangover (headache and stomackache because of eating loads and drinking champagne at the wedding the evening before – PLUS feeling sad for missing each other).

When we arrived at the airport, doing Cam´s check in was the easier thing. There was no waiting line and he got aisles seats.

So we went for a walk around the shops and bought some water. But then it was time to go back to departures…..

To our big susprise, there was a huge line. No! A HUUUUUUUUGE line! Like I´ve never saw before! Of course we felt desperate as it seemed Cam was going to miss his plane. Cam stayed on the line while I walked to Aerolineas counter. They told us to stay calm and also that Cam would not miss his plane.005  007  After one hour waiting (and his plane had to be delayed), we finally got to the passaport control area. Later on, I found out the federal police went on strike…… this is what caused all the trouble. After Cam crossed the departures, I felt like some part of my own body was missing. As usual.006

I LOVE YOU, my very Darling Husband!!!! Hope we will be together soon!008

[Cameron: I’m going to add a little comment here. Have another look at those two pictures of the crowd. Where we’re standing in the photo is at one end of the Airport. You’ll notice the line on the right side loops around to use and then on the left side of the picture stretches all the way to the horizon. In fact both lines do. The entrance to the departure gate is halfway up the inside of the building. The end of the line went past that and almost to the other end of the building. The line was huge. We were lucky that we were most of the way (although it didn’t seem that way to us) up the line.

Also, notice the people in the middle of each picture. They were doing the same thing we did, and everyone else for that matter , following the line around to the end. Funny thing is, that everyone would follow the line all the way down to this end of the airport, only to realise that the line looped around and went back down to the other end of the airport. How frustrating. Oh so that’s what the second line is. It’s actually the first one as well. Doh! Even though it happened to us as well, it was amusing to watch peoples reactions as they came to this realisation. And, then I tried to tell people as they were going past, but they probably just thought I was mad (nao falar Portuguese muinto bem) or thought they new better. I just stood back and watched after that.]

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