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cozy-socksI love socks, and I love pajamas, and I love staying home on a cold day, all snuggly under a blanket (with my darling husband, its PERFECT!).

I have cold feet and, besides, my feet must have a different abnormal shape necause about 90% of the shoes I use hurt them.imagesSo, besides warming my feet, socks also protects them (oh! and I have ugly toenails).When my feet are cold, I feel terribe! I feel depressed.iphone-pictures-aug-10-1012-234 I feel like the world is a cruel place to be. I like everything that makes me feel protected, cozy, warmth, comfortedhF6A985DB (a friend of mine, Vania, once said to me its because my moon is in Taurus). And maybe this is why I love comfort food as well.A-cup-of-cappuccino-coffee-saucer-grain-biscuits_1366x768

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