Big chocolate craving (yummy…)
Posted by Ana Lucia at 1:06 pm in Ana's Musings...

choc1I am watching “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. The new version, with Johnny Depp. My daring husband gave it to me as Xmas present (together with other wonderful DVDs 🙂 ).keep-calm-and-eat-chocolate-1305

I like it. 362b231More than the older version. Its really fun to watch.

But the thing is, just like when I watch “Chocolate”, I begin to have this huge chocolate cravings. Its a good thing there is no chocolate here…..images

Isnt chocolate one of the most powerful comforting amazing foods EVER!omg-chocolate-cake-7

The other day I watched a Nigella chocolate recipes special on the TV. Soooooo yummy!chocolates_gourmet3

I feel good just to watch chocolate on the TV.receita-bolo-chocolate-com-morango

On a Sunday evening (when I usually fel depressed), and MISSING my beloved husband, maybe this is the possible comfort I am needing.

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