Monday morning….
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This is my Monday morning.Tangled-Wallpaper-tangled-28834704-1024-768

I am tired…. it took me a long time to fall asleep last night. My husband woke me up on Skype, but we had such trouble trying to talk because the sound of his voice was so low and the line was cut off all the time. Bad Skype! Nevermind.Tangled-flynn-and-rapunzel-27157338-1876-1080   Cupcake-pascoa-9-450x298

Yesterday I was thinking about how many books I have to read and that I actually have to hurry up. It will be a pitty having those books and never reading them. Sometimes I think it would have been better to by one and read it and buy the another when I finished the first one…. an so on. High-Quality-Christmas-Gift-PP-Cotton-Cute-Small-Teddy-Bears-Couple-Wedding-20-CM-Soft-StuffedBut the thing is, you must take advantage of the good price oportunities and besides, there is the possibility that the books will be out f print if I take too long to buy them. I am going to write a list of all the books I have and plan a schedule to read them.

Oh!…. I wish I was New Zealand now. I am daydreaming about being there with my husband. My Cameron. My beloved.

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