well, it doesnt cost to dream….
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I have been daydreaming all day.

I have this wish:

My husband would have sold his business and would be free to start a new life with me in Christchurch (and I know Christchurch is cold, but it is a great cute place with a very good vibe).

So, my husband would go first to Christchurch to find a job and a place (I know Christchurch is cold, but we would have heating in our place). So then, he would be ready and I would quit my job here and would to meet him there.

And I would get another work permit and I would work at Lush shop (probably get paid minimum wage but would be fun! 🙂 )

I would finally have a nice group of girlfriends and meet them for talking and coffees at Starbucks.

Later we would have a baby and live our lives together in Christchurch and be very happy.

As I write this, I have a picture in my mind and its very clear.

I am going to visualize this. Everyday (like “The Secret”).

I and Cameron went to the South Island on December 2004 / January 2005 (and spent New Years there, in Christchurch). We had an AMAZING time and I am looking so forward for us to go to Christchurch again (and travel around South Island again!!!!!). This trip was very important for us because it was the second time we spent time together. It was more than a dream coming true. We also had such a great time in Dunedin, Arthur Pass, Akaroa…… Thank you, Love of my life!!!!!!! I will never forget those wonderful days!!!!

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  1. Wow. Those are great pictures my love. They really do justice to the beauty of Christchurch.