Flight of Conchords…. Lipgloss and Laptops…..
Posted by Ana Lucia at 4:17 pm in Ana's Musings...

There is a podcast I like so much: Lipgloss and Laptops

Its actually a Blog and Podcast from Canada, Vancouver, where two ladies (Airdrie and Kerry Anne) give you very interesting tips on beauty products and beauty industry.

I was just having a look at their site and found a picture which I will have to comment here:

This guy in the picture is Jemaine Clement from New Zealand´s (Brett and jemaine) Flight of Conchords. Its a great series, its different from anything I´ve watched. My Husband told me about it ast year and I udes to watch the episodes together with him (via internet 😉 ) .

I forgot to mention about Murray, the boys manager! (sorry Murray! the series wouldnt be as good without you…). Here is what he does when he is not coaching the guys:

But, anyway, I looooove Lipgloss and Laptops. When you listen to their podcast, is like you are sitting in their living room talking and drinking a cup of coffee or tea. Their comments are pretty honest and they really comment everything. Its so much fun. Their english is very clear which helps.

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