Look what I found!
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To all of you, makeup addicts, I have this good surprise!

Mind you, this is my 00:10 AM and I was watching the movie “Paris, I love you” for the 4th time. Also, I was browsing on Youtube and found this girl LAUREN (think she is either Welsh or Scottish) and she is the most amazing makeup artist. She never attended to any makeup courses, never had any lessons. She started uploading videos showing herself applying makeup and giving tips on the subject. She is now one of UK most famous makeup artists.

Here we go: She i so cool!!!!!


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  1. Err! Scary!! I think I’d have nightmare’s if I had some of that eye-shadow on sweety. I like you as you are. Your accent’s much nicer as well.

  2. Ana Smith wrote:
    July 14th, 2008 at 3:20 AM

    My Husband,

    dont worry. I would only try something like this to scare robbers or thiefs, for instance 😉

    I love you so much!