(Happy Anniversary in New Zealand time!!!)
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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY New Zeaand time, my beloved Husband! Two years and six months married! Commited for life. FOREVER. May God look after us, protect and guide us, help us to be together, I mean, living together again. 2014-01-06 14.19.41

I MISS my husband. Nothing is fun without him. I try to occupy my mind reading, surfing on the net or watching DVDs. But nothing, nothing compares to the happiness I with when we are together.

I am reading a book called “Can you keep a secret” (by Sophie Kinsella). Its good. girlie book. Its nice. I will keep on reading it.SAMSUNG

I woke up quite early this morning because I needed to have a pee and called my husband on Skype. He was there for me and it was very comforting. Very. Comforting as it was on my last night when he was there online with me until I felt asleep (I went to sleep just after Cam left to visit his parents).


He went to sleep and I made my usual cafe com leite and had two slices of watermelon (quite ripe – good).

Cam showed me nice vegetable bags he bought yesterday. Quite a good selection! He made a nice soup and I am sure its so yummy. I would love to try it.delicious-cakes-sprinkled-with-pink-hearts-food-32269953-500-331

I will start making the bed now and get ready to start the day. I will have lunch at the aunties as usual, but I will stay at their place just until 3PM. Then I will come back here to speak to my beloved husband, my blessing, my happiness, my life.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY again, my darling. You mean the Universe to me.delicious-cup-cakes-6_large

I love you.

[Cameron]Nova Zelandia março e abril 2010 065

I love you too. Two and a half wonderful wonderful years. I look froward to spending the rest of my life with you. The vegetable soup is great. I added some chicken that I’d browned and a few more spices. I’ve still got enough left to last me at least another three or four days. They have a pumkin soup bag as well, but I think I might just buy a pumkin and turn that into a soup.cake-delicious-food-rainbow-Favim.com-602180

Imade Golden Dumplings for desert. I have enough left over for two more servings. I’ll freeze them. The book says that they’re not good for freezing, but they were fine last time I made them. They didn’t last long in the freezer though 😉

Happy Happy Anniversary my beloved. I look forward to many more.

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  1. Happy Anniversary my beloved.Two & a half wonderful years.