Partition Find and Mount saved my butt!
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Today I managed to do what anyone with a computer never wants to see happen. I accidentally deleted a partition and lost all my backup data. I was trying to create  more space by deleting old data and merging some partitions on a backup hard drive. Probably through inattention, I deleted the wrong space. Aaargh! Woe is me!

Fortunately, I was told of a programme that has managed to recover all of my lost data. It works by searching for lost partitions and then, once found, allows you to choose to mount that partition so that you can then recover the data within that partition. It doesn’t mount the partition permanently, but that’s fine by me as long as I can get what I need. The reason the programme works this way is to prevent malicious software (malware etc) from running.

The programme worked a treat. It took less than two minutes after the very simple install. I’m now in the process of copying the 18GB of restored data to a new location. This programme has now been added to my list of Must Have’s. And amazingly, it’s Freeware. You can visit their site by clicking on the logo below:

Logo from Partition Find and Mount website

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