The POWER of Chocolate
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I know there is already a post about chocolate in the Blog. But I wanted to add more chocolate to our Blog….yummy. and isnt it great to look at these pictures. You cant deny, chocolate makes an ordinary day special. It gives comfort, its like shopping, and maybe it can (in some way) substitute sex.

Here, in Brasil, we dont have a good variety of chocolates and brands (maybe because we suffer with the hot hot hot weather). We have the basics like Nestlé and a Brazilian brand called Garoto. Also, we have this brand called Kopenhagen, which would be our best sophisticated chcolate brand.

but none of the chocolates we have here can compared to the chocolates n Europe, USA or New Zealand. Although, having said that, the Barra Mall has a little Godiva chocolates shop. Must be outrageous expensive.

But, still…… There is a chocolate we have here called Prestígio (chocolate filled with loads of coconut – its like the english Bounty) and another one called Choquito (its like a caramel fudge bar covered with chocolate and crispies) that I like a lot!

Oh! and the cheesecakes…… in Rio, the only palce you can find a chocolate cheesecake is Kopenhagen. Or maybe Godiva, I suppose. Never tried them. Must be delicious! And you can find Lindt chocolates in a few places, but the only place to buy Lindt here would be the Dutty Free shops, at the airports.
Now, for your information:Valentine day chocolate (3)

http://www.godiva.comValentine day chocolate (4)

[Gee. Great pictures of us my love. Couldn’t you have photoshoped a hairy chest on me. I assume that the photo’s were taken BEFORE we had sex, otherwise you wouldn’t be smiling 😉 ]

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  1. Are you trying to tell me something sweety? 😉

  2. my beloved husband, nothing, absolutely NOTHING, in this world can compare to what I feel when I am in your arms.
    But, lets say…… chocolates can give me a “natural high”, in the mean time, until I can be in your arms again!!!! 🙂 Love you!