Headaches, migraines…
Posted by Ana Lucia at 3:41 am in Ana's Rants

I had a terrible night, last night. That´s because I had headache. despicable_me_movie_imageIts just terrible. Its a terrible nonstoping pain that feels like I have an iron stick that cross my right eye until my neck. And it also makes me sick in my stomach. And makes me feel so bad!ab93bee6f189864ca19c21020b4b64cc

I took loads of tablets and yet my headache lasted for almost 3 days. I feel even depressed.mr-peabody-sherman-movie-6

And I didnt eat any sweets, no alcoohol, I am not taking contraceptive pills anymore. I avoided anything that could have caused the headache. And STILL I had another terrible headache!tumblr_muvahezlpE1rlkswno3_1280

My neck feels sore, my showders and even my arms are sore.

I had a good long shower, washed my hair and feel a bit better. So I will go to my aunties place to have lunch.pumpkin-pie-21

I am not going to stay there for long though.

I just want to rest and heal.100_8288

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