I wish I didnt have to work today… :(
Posted by Ana Lucia at 11:58 pm in Ana's Rants

Instead, I wish I could be snuggling with my darling blue blue eyed husband in our bed.burger-food-milkshake-photography-Favim.com-692137

The stupid internet is falling down all the time! What the hell is happening!???  Like yesterday, my evening, it was so terrible! All I wanted was to stay here resting and relaxing with Cam online with me…. Instead, I had so much hassle. We had hassle because of my broadband.Garfield-and-Odie-garfield-6225306-1024-768

I tried all the wires and everything, and reseting the router and the modem, and restarting the computer….

What a day……. hope it goes fast.Doral-Spa-Header5

What I am going to do is look at the nice posts with our pictures together and try to concentrate on these very nice things.

I will imagine Cam and I together in New Zealand doing the things we love doing together.DickYork3

My husband, to think about you, about us, is the only thing that can make me feel better.cardapio-de-milk-shakes-do-general-prime-burger-em-sao-paulo-tem-mais-de-15-opcoes-de-sabores-variados-incluindo-frutas-vermelhas-pacoca-e-pistache-1383410927075_956x591

I love you, my blue blue eyed husband.IMAG03591-300x172

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