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Well, although the title of this post is to my husband, this is kind of a general subject post.

This is my Friday evening in Rio and Cam´s Saturday morning in Whangarei. Its raining in both places. Its the kind of snuggly weather, you know…

Whangarei (Northland of New Zealand) is supposed to be getting the worst storm in the past 10 years.

Storm depression over the Tasman Sea (Top Middle of Picture)

Storm depression over the Tasman Sea (Top Middle of Picture)

That´s a good thing the little house (where he is living) is strong and safe. And he´s got food and everything he needs (except for me!) so he doesnt need to go out. He deserves a very relaxing weekend after loads of work and responsability.

Here is raining but nothing like Whangarei. Its just a little now. I am SOOOOO pleased its my weekend starting. This week, because of the fat guy not going to work, we (girls) had to go to the counter everyday, so we are tired….Fondos-de-Garfield-12

I like that Cam and I are posting more in our Blog. It feels so good posting here, having this place to express. Its a pity our friends didnt post (yet). Nevermind. The Blog is getting nicer and nicer as times passes.Suzy-q-better-decorating-bible-blog-ideas-Christmas-holiday-theme-colors-décor-interior-design-garlands-drape-mantel-pictures-cozy-family-warm-hues-ideas-dim-lights-glitter-or-4

Cam´s tonight will be fun, I suppose. It will be All Blacks playing against the Aussie rubgy team. So, this is great, my Husband!!!!

I had two most delicious pastries for lunch today (like the last couple of days as I am addicted to these pastries). Its like a bread with spices, filled with cottage cheese and dried tomatoes. they are so good that once the bakery makes them and start selling it, after one hour they are all sold out. Yummy!!!!!KitKat-email1-300x200

I am pretty tired. I have been having these absolutely surreal strange dreams and have woken up like 5AM and feel anxious and cant really go back to sleep. Last night I slept better. Still I am pretty exausted.merry-christmas-snoopy-9066336-800-600

There is a girl, my co-worker, its going to be her birthday next week and she is inviting people to go dancing somewhere, like a night club, downtown. I dont want to go! And some people there are like insisting that I HAVE to go and I hate when people try to force me to do things I dont want to go. It will be next Tursday evening. I will be tired, its dangerous, expensive, full of cigarrete smoke and terrible loud music.

I am SO not going.e275efdf382a4a15629b29754172c592

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