At 01:42 AM… I´m awake and upset.
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Jesus Christ!!

I am having such a stressful evening!! Oh my God!!! And I am having this hassle because of this internet connection. I believe the modem must be a little fault. I could call the broadband provider and ask them to repair….wallpaper-snoopy but I know they will give me a hassle even bigger than not having the internet!

But the internet is going now. Who knows until when……10363387_738835272840287_931328482209371206_n


This is my Sunday and because of the stinky hot weather I hate, here in Rio, I am pretty much spending time locked inside my little bedroom with the air conditioner on, tiding up things and watching

By the way, I am watching “Jamie at Home” (Jamie Oliver) series, that my husband gave me. I just LOVE it! It is so comforting watching Jamie walking around his garden and preparing and cooking absolutely colourful delicious food! Yummy!!! While watching this, I daydream about myself together with my husband, we both cooking Jamie´s recipes and having fun. Thank you for Jamie´s DVDs my LOVE!!!!!jamie_1642561c

The things is, when I openend this Blog website and read my husband´s post, Oh! It highlighted my day! Made me feel happy and warmed my heart so much!!! I tell you, the times when my husband is in NZ and I am in Brasil, the only thing that I enjoy REALLY, that makes me feel good, is being with my husband online. We feel together, we enjoy our togetherness, our commitment with each other so much. We are there for each other, even with we have nothing to say. We are together on Skype. And I go and repeat “I love you.” to him so many times becaue I just can help it and because I would be caressing  and kissing him if I could.images

And, you know, even having to deal with the geographic distance, I know for sure how blessed and lucky I am. I thank God every day at least once for having Cam as my love, my lover, my soul mate, my best friend, MY HUSBAND.SAMSUNG

The time will come when we will be finally living together everyday and I know that, when this time comes, we will look back and love every moment we were online very together because we manage to have quality time always. This is amazing! We´ve got such an awesome relationship! We are special! We have true LOVE.LADY AND THE TRAMP

I do and I love to do the best I can, everything I can to be online when I know my husband will be online as well.

Anyway, after I spoke to Cam, before he went to sleep, I came back to sleep myself until my 10:30hs AM. Then, I had my cafe com leite, two slices of bread and cleaned my room, organized DVDs, books, cleaned 3 pairs of plastic shoes and have been watching  Jamie Oliver´s series.Disney-World-Mickey-Mouse-Dipped-Treats

I have to say, I cant wait for Cam to wake up and be online with me.

I LOVE you my darling Husband. You are my blessing.IMG_0513-768x1024

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Fun Timeswith Ana

Fun Timeswith Ana

I spent most of this weekend with Ana.

That’s not an easy thing to do considering she’s in Brasil and I’m in New Zealand. i_love_you_garfield-1024x768We can’t be physically close to each other right now, but thanks to the internet we can still be as close as two people possibly can be when distance keeps them apart.SAMSUNG

It’s nothing for us to just connect using Skype and leave it running.Love-is-One-Song-Sung-by-Two This weekend I pretty much spent the whole time in my Lazy-boy recliner chair watching the Olympics and whatever else was on TV whilst Ana was doing the same thing 12,500 kilometres away. That’s around 7700 Miles for any Yanks reading this.SAMSUNG

Now, we never usually get asked directly, but it’s always a topic of conversation amoungst people wondering how we cope with this distance. The internet makes in easy. Thank goodness for the internet.

I love you Ana Lucia.

I love you Ana Lucia.

There’s no doubt about that. I can see Ana and I can hear her and I can imagine being with her.cupcake And this allows us to get through our times apart. Nothing’s as good as being with her, but this comes a satisfactory (considering circumstances) second.

I had a wonderful weekend with you my love.100_7215

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Sunday morning
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There´s been a week I suppose since I wrote here and actually I think I should write more often. It makes me feel upset when I spend too long without writing in our Blog. Quotation-Jenny-Colgan-home-love-Meetville-Quotes-274236

This is my Sunday morning and the weather is GREAT! Its raining here! I looooove when its raining and cloudy here, in Rio. As I just hate going to the beach here (I would go to the beach in New Zealand or in many other places, but I just hate going to the beach here), I enjoy when the day looks like a day to stay home and watch DVDs or read…. I have plenty of DVDs and books to entertain myself and make time runs fast until the day my beloved husband will be here again.135416

I finished watching Frasier. Well, at least the series I´ve got. And since yesterday I have been watching Medium. Its a great series. The episodes are very good without being too scary. Its very good! By the way, I checked on Amazon and Greys Anatomy fourth season will be avaliable by September. (hopefuy it will be avaliable here in Brasil as well).images

I was having a look at Orkut (at the Brazilian girls married to kiwis community) and there is one of them currently living with the husband in London. Its nice to see their pictures around summer London.

I hope it will be cloudy and rainy and I will go for a walk around Ipanema in the morning and then have lunch at the aunties.MarriedByChristmas

Oh, and another thing. Last Friday I was invited to a Party, like a dancing party. I didnt want to go at all!!!

I tell you, it was much more fun and much more comforting and much more important to stay online talking to my husband.Quotation-Jenny-Colgan-life-happy-Meetville-Quotes-204092

Last Friday, my morning, I watched the olympics opening on the TV (and Cam was watching as well) and it was amazing. Awesome!! beautiful! really nice. I watched it from the begining to 11AM and only after that I went to work. Very good!the-little-beach-street-bakery

So, I just finished drinking my cafe com leite and I will make the bed and organize my room… and just continue watching Medium.

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One more post for today
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I love LUSH Cosmetics. Gee, its such a paradise!!!


I dont mean to advertise, but its more than the makeup itself. Mind you, people who work at their shops are makeup artists and while showing you their products (they dont put any pressure for you to buy the products – as the girls in “Lipgloss and Laptops” blog mentioned) they have you sitting on a comfortable chair and put makeup on you and pamper you and they are so nice and friendly. Its like therapy….lush-cosmeticsth

This morning, when I went for a walk, its was terribly hot. I felt terrible and had to run to Leblon Mall and relax…. Nice place, great air conditioner. Love going to Livraria da Travessa (bookshop) and grab a few books, sit somewhere…. suddenly the world becomes a better place. I love “comforting” things. Food, movies, TV series…. lushproducts_460I enjoy being surounded by books, drinking a nice cup of coffee or tea, and a muffin would ne lovely too. Of course, all the comforting things I like would only be 100% perfect in the company of my darling husband.

Have been watching Freasier latest seasons on DVD. Its been good. I promissed myself I will read all the books I have and watch all the DVDs I´ve got here. Need more discipline. This is sooooo damned hot in this stupid city, I just turned the air conditioner on so that I can sleep. Wish I (and my husband, of course) were in Seattle….

Weekend is running fast. As usual….. I miss my husband…… I MISS him. SAMSUNG

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Wish I were with my husband
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Hello readers,

2014-01-06 14.19.36

I just wish I was in my husband´s arms. I am sure that, being very close to him would make me feel the comfort I really need.

I didnt sleep well last night. I had one of the strange dreams I occasionally have which makes me wake up around 5AM and never get back to sleep. Thank God I can always call Cam at Skype and it makes my feel better.

This is my Friday and its fucking and annoying hot here in Rio. The warm weather during this non-existant winter annoys me so much. I dont really like the sun unless its cold weather, or at leas cool weather (when you never get sweaty). I hate going to the beaches here, I hate to feel the stinky smell of people walking by. I hate to see the stinky loads of “favela” people.

I dont know…. I wish Rio would get cold weather like -5o C for one week (one week would be enough) and there would be snow as well. After that, Rio would be a new city! It would be like a “fresh start”!

Cam will go to the book sale his Saturday Morning at the City Council building, in Whangarei, and it would be lovely going with him. We had fun last year, we grabbed all the good cooking books!

Hope the book sale will make people happier after, when there is loads of storms and rain hitting Northland.

Oh! Almost forget to mention: last Tuesday, when I got home from work, I immediately turned on the laptop so that I could talk to Cam. But all I got was a freaking error message and Windows Vista wouldnt run.

Thankfully, my very inteligent geek husband helped me and now the laptop runs even much better than before!

Cam gave me the directions (by Google Talk – I was using my other PC) and I downloaded Spinrite program, runned it at the laptop, reinstalled Windows and it was working again!! GREAT!!! And I even got wireless broadbad going 🙂

Anyway… time to go to work…..

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