Sunday morning
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There´s been a week I suppose since I wrote here and actually I think I should write more often. It makes me feel upset when I spend too long without writing in our Blog. Quotation-Jenny-Colgan-home-love-Meetville-Quotes-274236

This is my Sunday morning and the weather is GREAT! Its raining here! I looooove when its raining and cloudy here, in Rio. As I just hate going to the beach here (I would go to the beach in New Zealand or in many other places, but I just hate going to the beach here), I enjoy when the day looks like a day to stay home and watch DVDs or read…. I have plenty of DVDs and books to entertain myself and make time runs fast until the day my beloved husband will be here again.135416

I finished watching Frasier. Well, at least the series I´ve got. And since yesterday I have been watching Medium. Its a great series. The episodes are very good without being too scary. Its very good! By the way, I checked on Amazon and Greys Anatomy fourth season will be avaliable by September. (hopefuy it will be avaliable here in Brasil as well).images

I was having a look at Orkut (at the Brazilian girls married to kiwis community) and there is one of them currently living with the husband in London. Its nice to see their pictures around summer London.

I hope it will be cloudy and rainy and I will go for a walk around Ipanema in the morning and then have lunch at the aunties.MarriedByChristmas

Oh, and another thing. Last Friday I was invited to a Party, like a dancing party. I didnt want to go at all!!!

I tell you, it was much more fun and much more comforting and much more important to stay online talking to my husband.Quotation-Jenny-Colgan-life-happy-Meetville-Quotes-204092

Last Friday, my morning, I watched the olympics opening on the TV (and Cam was watching as well) and it was amazing. Awesome!! beautiful! really nice. I watched it from the begining to 11AM and only after that I went to work. Very good!the-little-beach-street-bakery

So, I just finished drinking my cafe com leite and I will make the bed and organize my room… and just continue watching Medium.

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