NOTHING is better than spending time with my Husband
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This is my Sunday and because of the stinky hot weather I hate, here in Rio, I am pretty much spending time locked inside my little bedroom with the air conditioner on, tiding up things and watching

By the way, I am watching “Jamie at Home” (Jamie Oliver) series, that my husband gave me. I just LOVE it! It is so comforting watching Jamie walking around his garden and preparing and cooking absolutely colourful delicious food! Yummy!!! While watching this, I daydream about myself together with my husband, we both cooking Jamie´s recipes and having fun. Thank you for Jamie´s DVDs my LOVE!!!!!jamie_1642561c

The things is, when I openend this Blog website and read my husband´s post, Oh! It highlighted my day! Made me feel happy and warmed my heart so much!!! I tell you, the times when my husband is in NZ and I am in Brasil, the only thing that I enjoy REALLY, that makes me feel good, is being with my husband online. We feel together, we enjoy our togetherness, our commitment with each other so much. We are there for each other, even with we have nothing to say. We are together on Skype. And I go and repeat “I love you.” to him so many times becaue I just can help it and because I would be caressing  and kissing him if I could.images

And, you know, even having to deal with the geographic distance, I know for sure how blessed and lucky I am. I thank God every day at least once for having Cam as my love, my lover, my soul mate, my best friend, MY HUSBAND.SAMSUNG

The time will come when we will be finally living together everyday and I know that, when this time comes, we will look back and love every moment we were online very together because we manage to have quality time always. This is amazing! We´ve got such an awesome relationship! We are special! We have true LOVE.LADY AND THE TRAMP

I do and I love to do the best I can, everything I can to be online when I know my husband will be online as well.

Anyway, after I spoke to Cam, before he went to sleep, I came back to sleep myself until my 10:30hs AM. Then, I had my cafe com leite, two slices of bread and cleaned my room, organized DVDs, books, cleaned 3 pairs of plastic shoes and have been watching  Jamie Oliver´s series.Disney-World-Mickey-Mouse-Dipped-Treats

I have to say, I cant wait for Cam to wake up and be online with me.

I LOVE you my darling Husband. You are my blessing.IMG_0513-768x1024


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