At 01:42 AM… I´m awake and upset.
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Jesus Christ!!

I am having such a stressful evening!! Oh my God!!! And I am having this hassle because of this internet connection. I believe the modem must be a little fault. I could call the broadband provider and ask them to repair….wallpaper-snoopy but I know they will give me a hassle even bigger than not having the internet!

But the internet is going now. Who knows until when……10363387_738835272840287_931328482209371206_n

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  1. Being your friends and knowing you and your love story makes me sad sometimes. After reading your blog, it makes me wish of anything in the world that could happen or change so you could be together now. Making a family. Living together being in each other’s arms. Because we see as your friends your life. We love you and don’t want you to be sad. We have all waited with you so long to hear that you will live together. We get excited when Ana flys to NZ and think maybe this time, she will not go home, maybe this time when Cam goes to Rio, maybe, just maybe, he will stay.
    I tell each one, hide each other’s passports then they cannot leave. I am not as strong as them. I admire their union and commitment to each other. As Ben and I only did 8 months apart and our long distance relationships was only ever one month without one of us visiting and that was in the same country until we could be together. We didn’t have emails back then but toll bills and letter writing. I remember how it felt. I didn’t like it one bit. I hated being apart. I would cry and be depressed and I was not happy without him.
    With watching your love story unfold, sometimes it feels like a movie, and groundhog day, or being a film director, we wish we could change the ending. I know that Cam will be such a wonderful father and wish that so much for you both, as he has always been so involved and concerned and caring about his godchildren. Missing out on fatherhood and parenthood would be an awful tragedy. I know this from being a Mum of 3 gorgeous kids and 17 years knowing my husband.
    Time for you is precious. Things that are most important are different for woman and man. I hope you can make a success anywhere, anytime, live the life you want in freedom.
    Don’t have any regrets about wasting time apart. Don’t let anyone or anything take that away from you. It is not worth the sacrifice. This is your life. Let the music playon. Good luck my friends. Thank goodness for emails, airmiles and strong minds.
    We waited a long time for Cameron to meet his love and are so happy he has found it. So Cam grab it with both hands and get to Rio and don’t look back.
    We made a new life overseas, as expats, we know where we came from but can be happy anywhere. It is just geography. Our family is together.
    Thank you Ana for making Cameron so happy, you darling beautiful special girl. We love you too. Come visit and stay with us and holiday here, you know you are always welcome. Till we meet again my dear friends. Wishing you the best of luck and love always. Karen, Ben, Jack, James and Rosiexxxx in Singapore.

  2. Dear Karen,

    This is such a blessing to have you as our friend. We love you and your wonderful family.
    I am sure God and all the angels we looking after us and the time will come when Cam & I will be living together for the rest of our lives.
    Bless you! Thank you so much.
    … And, please, keep on writing!!!

  3. Awwwww…I fink I’m go-wing to cwyy!!!