Rainy Sunday
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Its my Sunday afternoon and its raining a lot! which is good, really, perfect weather to stay home trying to entertain myself with books, internet and DVDs. Doing everything I can to occupie my mind so time will run faster. c548cb6d5446ceb77aeab5a68bc4b22f

I started reading “Shopaholic ties the knot”, Sophie Kinsella. Good.iamages

Also, I was posting at Orkut (www.orkut.com) in a community of Brazilian girls married to kiwi guys and two of them think about doing handmade embroided towels to sell. As I told them, artcraft wont get them anywhere (and this is the truth). I suggested to to learn reiki, massage, Bach florals therapy… and start a business as therapists. Very low costs, they can work from home and pretty much everybody is looking for a way to avoid stress.IMG_4922

Today I watched one of my favorite TV shows, which is the Australian “Whats Good for You”. Oh! I LOVE this TV show! You learn so much about pretty much everything that can make your life healthier or could harm you. I love you! I also watched a bit of Jamie Oliver at Home DVDs (my husband gave me the first season) and it just feel so great watching Jamie at his wonderful garden and cooking absolutely gorgeous food! Yummy!im8ages

I woke my husband at his 7AM and now he´s off to work. Cant wait to have him online with me, it feels so comforting to have him online. Even if we are not saying anything. Just to see him I feel better. Índice

Well….. I will continue my book now.

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This is my Saturday afternoon and the day has been pretty good so far. jbbLTkh

Its very cloudy and cool, which means its perfect for a walk. So, I went to Gavea Mall (havent been there for quite a while) and they have new shops (a couple more just about to open) so it was very good to walk around. wKKfLcbStayed there for like one hour and then walked to another mall Leblon Mall where I spent some time reading books and magazines at a bookshop called Livraria da Travessa and, after that, had a coffee and came back home. Tided few things in my little bedroom and baked two cheese and turkey croissants. Not bad! 🙂 1907916_10152316950271370_2902089647837447363_n

Now I am (of course) writing and listening to the radio Paradiso FM (nice song now – its a brasilian guy called Nando Reis).

I am almost finishing the book: “Shopaholic Abroad” (Shopie insella). Its good. FZYrUjzFun, light reading. I was watching a TV where they interviewed some women who had a career and then they decided to make a big change so they started again and opened a business. J1ODN0T.jpgVery interesting. Specially one of them who used to work with publicity / marketing and now she owns an Holistic Terapy Center (very close to my father´s place, by the way). The holistic center is called CHI and is pretty much about relaxation, well being, massages, reiki….Oxford_Street_December_2006

I would love to own a business where I could provide those kind of natural therapies, plus astrology, for instance. I think this could be sucessful in New Zealand. Maybe in the future, Cam and I could open a business like this.Ntuu4ZE

Changing subject, I got very shocked when Cam told me about a guy who got stabbed because he tried to help a wman who was being attacked in Central Auckland at daylight….. Oh, my God! Such a terrible thing…. oLUNpoOThe poor guy, a good samaritan, had a wife and kiddies. I think my husband got shocked as well, because he sent an email to friends (myself included) telling about is ICE contact (his father…). Jesus! I got upset for not being my husband´s ICE contact – but I didnt get upset with Cam, I got upset with the situation of being here in Rio so that I cant be his emergency contact.

To me, its weird to see that a brutal crime like that ould happen in a peaceful country like New Zealand (and I live in Rio…. if you know what I mean), specially in Central Auckland, during the day !!!!!! It makes me wonder..PjQMous. tragedy is probably destiny. I dont know…. when you see a thing like that happening, its hard to believe in God and that there is a “God´s Justice”. Like: why bad things (like terrible things) happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. This is a question with no answer.imqages

BUT there is something I do believe, which is: we always arrive in the exactly place at the exactly time when and where we are expected to be. So, for some very strange cosmic reason, the good samaritan had to die.

I got a cold and it started this week. I have to blow my nose all the time. Its been rainy (which I like) and I hope the weather will stay like this for a while.0GjzYW6

My aunties will arrive back in Rio (after 20 days spent between Rome and Paris) this Wednesday and it will be fun meeting them. To hear everything about their trip (and they will be talking at the same time, of course).XlW6jZu

Its raining a LOT now.bk81TXz Perfect weather to be snuggling with Cam.  I am daydreaming… Cam & I having a nice relaxing bath togther…


Its almost time to wake Cam up…..

Almost finishing my book.Corp-xmas-2

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Kitty Cat
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2 years and 8 months married Anniversary!!!
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Ana&CamfromPhone 161 - Copia - CopiaThis Saturday, 13th of September, was our 2 years and 8 months Anniversary!! And I want to say again and again to my beloved husband that he is the love of my life, that he is my perfect partner, my lover, my love and my very best friend. He is everything to me. May God always look after us and helps us to be living together ASAP!!Ana&CamfromPhone 153 (2) - Copia

By the way, on 16th September, it will be 4 years since we met first time, at Auckland Airport arrivals area. I still remember all the details of that wonderful week we spent together like if it was happening now. Like if I am watching a movie. 4 years! We are so blessed. Since that day, September, 16th of 2004 Cam and I are TOGETHER.111204-beautiful-free-cartoon-wallpaper-pink-snoopy-click-to-download

I was thinking about the times when Cam brought me to Auckland Airport to get the plane back to Brasil and also the times when I brought Cam to Rio´s Airport for him to get the plane back to New Zealand. Both options are devastating. We feel absolutely broken hearted and in serious emotional pain every time we have to say “see you soon” to each other at the airports. But, for me, its a bit harder when I am leaving New Zealand to come back to Rio.Ana&CamfromPhone 123

Anyway… I am reading “The time traveller´s wife” (its a bit hard for me to sit down and concentrate so I stop and read and stop and continue reading). Its an AMAZING book! Oh my God! Debbie suggested it to me and its one of the best books ever. I kind of relate with the story of the unusual marriage Clare and Henry have because, so far, Cam and I have an unusual marriage because we have to spend time in distance because of our jobs.autumn-wedding-cake

Well, I am going to continue my reading….

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My Husband´s little garden
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Hello readers,

This my Saturday afternoon and I miss going to the Aunties, have lunch and talk. They are in Rome now (they will go to Paris after that).

I am feeling a bit depressed today and I am MISSING Cameron so much. Anyway, there is nothing I can do but wait for him to arrive here.

Cam has been working on his garden and its lovely. Here are some pictures:

Very soon my husband will be able to use herbs, spices and vegetables planted in his very own garden. This is so lovely! Of course, I would love to have been there with him and help him to set this beautiful little garden.

I MISS my husband.

Nothing on the TV and the only thing left to do is read a book. Wait for Cam to wake up. But he wont be able  to be online with me because he has to work in the factory.

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Tiger Tiger!!!!!
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Feel like posting here…
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Hello readers.

Here I go again… Obssessed about LUSH Cosmetics…. 🙂images

There´s none of their shops here, in this “shitty country” (Brazil). But I dont care! Because I can buy their wonderful fun products in my wonderful New Zealand!

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Law of Attraction
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Hi everybody!!

Well, this my Sunday morning, a sunny (and warmer than I would like) Sunday morning.Snoopy-wallpaper-snoopy-33124728-1024-768

I am listening to my “Priscilla” soundtrack CD and the songs are so good. Sometimes I forget the very nice CDs I have.

Anyway, I downloaded the book “Ask and its Given” and I am reading it. It pretty much explains everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask about the powerful wonderful great LAW OF ATTRACTION!images

Well, I know exactly what I want and I have been spending my morning asking. Of course, my main wish is to live very together with my beloved husband Cameron. And, you may be surprise, dear reader, but to live here in Rio, together with Cam, is not an option. No, no, no, no. I think it would be too dificult for him to adapt. 3The options would be for us to be living together in New Zealand, Australia (I think it would be fun to live in Melbourne as Cam´s got one of his best friends living there and I already consider Debbie and Gerald my friends as well). Another option is the UK. lush-cosmeticsWell, according to the marvellous Law of Attraction, I just have to keep on thinking that I want Cam and I living together – and visualizing it as if its happening right now – and feeling wonderful about it. The Universe will show me (us) how this wish will manifest. The Universe always knows the fastest, better, easier way to make it happen for us.images11

In my dream, I imagine that the Law of Attraction will offer me a good job in one of those places, and this place will be as good for Cam, for his current business or to start a new one, or to do whatever he wants to do for work/business. And we will travel around the world very together!!keep-calm-and-travel-the-world-38

Anyway, just to continue my law-of-attraction-visualizing-fun-morning, I will imagine myself shopping at Lush. So, in my mind, this is what I want:


Oh! Just sooooo perfect!

I know this purshase is expensive, BUT this is a virtual purshase and, besides, Law of Attraction tells you to spend at least some imaginary money everyday for your prosperity energy flows. 😉

I have two chicken – cream cheese croisants in the oven and I am watching Jamie´s Scape to Italy. Not so bad!lush-store-img-05092013

And now I will continue to read “Ask and Its Given”.

PS: this is Monday morning and its raining 🙂 Which is good because its finally not sooooo hot!

I just spoke to my darling husband (and he went to sleep). I should get ready to work…. 🙁

Anyway, before I start getting ready to work, I will virtualy buy some Lush itens:

Ok! So now I can start getting ready to work!

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