Tough weekend
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Hello readers!! (hello Karen, our favorite reader!)tulips_flowers_bouquet_85636_1920x1080

I have some things to write about this weekend.

First of all, since my Friday evening, I have no internet. I called broadband provider service and I heard an automatic message saying that the area where I live is having problems which is causing very low internet speed. They say it should be fixed around 12PM, today (Sunday), which I doubt.LATTE AT DOTTIES CAFE
So, when I arrived home from work, last Friday (and ALL I wanted was to get online to “be” with my husband) I got so frustrated – no internet! Of course, Cam did everything he could to sheer me up.
Anyway, my Saturday morning: the internet was working (Yay!) and, as Cam was awake until about his 3AM to watch the rugby game (Australia x South Africa), we stayed together online.Notebook-laptop
Oh! Forgot to mention: it has been raining a lot and nonstop since Friday evening (and the temperature is now about 18ºC, which is cold for Rio standards).
So, when Cam finished to wacth the game and went to bed, I left to have lunch with my twin aunties (Aurea & Elizabeth) as I always do. And, like always, they comfirmed with me that they were waiting for me to arrive at their place around 12:30PM. It was raining so much, but I got the bus and went to their place. When I arrived there, auntie Aurea opened the door and I could see she wasnt feeling well. She was having one of her usual painful migranes. She got me to sit on the couch, served me some aubergine and palm heart pastries and Coca Cola Zero. She tried to stay there talking to me, but she had to run to the bathroom to throw up every five minute.DSC_0802
So, I got my purse and came back home.
Changing the subject, this morning, I was (still I am) SO upset because of the internet that I woke up my 5AM (so anxious) and started to organize my wardrobe and shelves in my room. Cam called me and made me feel better. Like me husband always do.
Also, he had such a great idea to cheer me up: he called Ben & Karen (our favorite reader;) )Garfield-Coffee
and we had a conference call. It was so much fun! Thank you my darling husband!!!!
So, this morning I went to the chemist and bought nice soaps and shower gels. Then I went to the natural foods shop and bought dried tomatoes and mozzarella croissants which I will have for lunch.b3b31142febe0758caaaec93f06d8f52
Well…. its almost 12. NO damned internet whatsoever!!!!!! God!!!! I am losing my nerves here!!!

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