Things are getting better
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Hello readers!

After a sad annoying weekend (without the internet plus the incident involving my twin aunties and the cousins Vera and Valeria), looks like everything is fixed and getting back into place. i6xssrj

On Tuesday, the guy from broadband provider came here and changed one of the cables, which seems to have been causing all the problem with my internet connection speed. It has been working well since, which is great!!

Besides that, the aunties are expecting me to go have lunch with them today (and hopeful it will be fun for me…. I think it will). They will be traveling to Europe tomorrow for 15 days I  suppose. One week in Paris and one week in Rome. OMG! I wish Cam and I could come along (I inside aunt Elizabeth bag and Cam inside aunt Aurea´s). We could use a trip like that…. another lovely honeymoon for us.kxcOmIj

Speaking about that, I just cant wait to jump into my husband´s arms!

Well, we are almost getting to the middle of September and time is (thank God!) running fast! By the way, next week it will be our 2 year 8 months married Anniversary. And, I tell you, Cam and I, we are doing pretty well!FLFw5DV

You see, there are so many couples that are separating or just carrying on with their poor relationships….

But we love each other deeply and know for sure how unique and important is our marriage. We know we have found in each other the LOVE of our lives. Cam is the love of my life.pXo6yG5

I finished another book last Thursday and started a very interesting book called “Rules Britannia (An Insider´s Guide to Life in the United Kingdom)”. Its been fun to read it, specially because I now know how many things I had no idea about, which no english course would ever teach me and that are so important. It was fun reading some bits to Cam yesterday and listening to his comments.

This week wasnt too bad at work. And this is just because I have been learning my lesson: not worry and do only whats possible, work only the proper hours, doing things in a comfortable speed. images

The current president of the federal courts in Rio will retire in December and I hope the new president will have a more positive attitude about working leaves.

Cam´s business will be doing so much better from now on, after having a couple of low months.snow_man_biscuits_33998_16x9

Everything will be better. 2009 will be an excellent year for us. This is my hope, my prayer.

Anyway, have to go meet the aunties.

But will be back soon.

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