Law of Attraction
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Hi everybody!!

Well, this my Sunday morning, a sunny (and warmer than I would like) Sunday morning.Snoopy-wallpaper-snoopy-33124728-1024-768

I am listening to my “Priscilla” soundtrack CD and the songs are so good. Sometimes I forget the very nice CDs I have.

Anyway, I downloaded the book “Ask and its Given” and I am reading it. It pretty much explains everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask about the powerful wonderful great LAW OF ATTRACTION!images

Well, I know exactly what I want and I have been spending my morning asking. Of course, my main wish is to live very together with my beloved husband Cameron. And, you may be surprise, dear reader, but to live here in Rio, together with Cam, is not an option. No, no, no, no. I think it would be too dificult for him to adapt. 3The options would be for us to be living together in New Zealand, Australia (I think it would be fun to live in Melbourne as Cam´s got one of his best friends living there and I already consider Debbie and Gerald my friends as well). Another option is the UK. lush-cosmeticsWell, according to the marvellous Law of Attraction, I just have to keep on thinking that I want Cam and I living together – and visualizing it as if its happening right now – and feeling wonderful about it. The Universe will show me (us) how this wish will manifest. The Universe always knows the fastest, better, easier way to make it happen for us.images11

In my dream, I imagine that the Law of Attraction will offer me a good job in one of those places, and this place will be as good for Cam, for his current business or to start a new one, or to do whatever he wants to do for work/business. And we will travel around the world very together!!keep-calm-and-travel-the-world-38

Anyway, just to continue my law-of-attraction-visualizing-fun-morning, I will imagine myself shopping at Lush. So, in my mind, this is what I want:


Oh! Just sooooo perfect!

I know this purshase is expensive, BUT this is a virtual purshase and, besides, Law of Attraction tells you to spend at least some imaginary money everyday for your prosperity energy flows. 😉

I have two chicken – cream cheese croisants in the oven and I am watching Jamie´s Scape to Italy. Not so bad!lush-store-img-05092013

And now I will continue to read “Ask and Its Given”.

PS: this is Monday morning and its raining 🙂 Which is good because its finally not sooooo hot!

I just spoke to my darling husband (and he went to sleep). I should get ready to work…. 🙁

Anyway, before I start getting ready to work, I will virtualy buy some Lush itens:

Ok! So now I can start getting ready to work!

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