2 years and 8 months married Anniversary!!!
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Ana&CamfromPhone 161 - Copia - CopiaThis Saturday, 13th of September, was our 2 years and 8 months Anniversary!! And I want to say again and again to my beloved husband that he is the love of my life, that he is my perfect partner, my lover, my love and my very best friend. He is everything to me. May God always look after us and helps us to be living together ASAP!!Ana&CamfromPhone 153 (2) - Copia

By the way, on 16th September, it will be 4 years since we met first time, at Auckland Airport arrivals area. I still remember all the details of that wonderful week we spent together like if it was happening now. Like if I am watching a movie. 4 years! We are so blessed. Since that day, September, 16th of 2004 Cam and I are TOGETHER.111204-beautiful-free-cartoon-wallpaper-pink-snoopy-click-to-download

I was thinking about the times when Cam brought me to Auckland Airport to get the plane back to Brasil and also the times when I brought Cam to Rio´s Airport for him to get the plane back to New Zealand. Both options are devastating. We feel absolutely broken hearted and in serious emotional pain every time we have to say “see you soon” to each other at the airports. But, for me, its a bit harder when I am leaving New Zealand to come back to Rio.Ana&CamfromPhone 123

Anyway… I am reading “The time traveller´s wife” (its a bit hard for me to sit down and concentrate so I stop and read and stop and continue reading). Its an AMAZING book! Oh my God! Debbie suggested it to me and its one of the best books ever. I kind of relate with the story of the unusual marriage Clare and Henry have because, so far, Cam and I have an unusual marriage because we have to spend time in distance because of our jobs.autumn-wedding-cake

Well, I am going to continue my reading….

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