Rainy Sunday
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Its my Sunday afternoon and its raining a lot! which is good, really, perfect weather to stay home trying to entertain myself with books, internet and DVDs. Doing everything I can to occupie my mind so time will run faster. c548cb6d5446ceb77aeab5a68bc4b22f

I started reading “Shopaholic ties the knot”, Sophie Kinsella. Good.iamages

Also, I was posting at Orkut (www.orkut.com) in a community of Brazilian girls married to kiwi guys and two of them think about doing handmade embroided towels to sell. As I told them, artcraft wont get them anywhere (and this is the truth). I suggested to to learn reiki, massage, Bach florals therapy… and start a business as therapists. Very low costs, they can work from home and pretty much everybody is looking for a way to avoid stress.IMG_4922

Today I watched one of my favorite TV shows, which is the Australian “Whats Good for You”. Oh! I LOVE this TV show! You learn so much about pretty much everything that can make your life healthier or could harm you. I love you! I also watched a bit of Jamie Oliver at Home DVDs (my husband gave me the first season) and it just feel so great watching Jamie at his wonderful garden and cooking absolutely gorgeous food! Yummy!im8ages

I woke my husband at his 7AM and now he´s off to work. Cant wait to have him online with me, it feels so comforting to have him online. Even if we are not saying anything. Just to see him I feel better. Índice

Well….. I will continue my book now.

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