I miss posting
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Yes, I do! Theres been a while since Cam and I have posted (although we talk about the Blog and intend to write). I guess its just day to day routine, time runs fast (in my case, I am locked inside my work place 7 hs a day, 5 days a week – plus a little more than an hour to get to work plus another hour to get back home). Not much time left, if we think about it. Time runs fast. 468818162_1280x720

But Cam and I, we absolutely LOVE internet and surfing in the net is pretty much what we do anytime we can. But I guess we just want to chill out and dont feel like writing (or dont have anything special to say. a1SP

The best thing I have to say here is that its getting closer to December and that means its closer to the day my husband will be here with me. After months in distance, we will be very together again and this means EVERYTHING to me! I just love my husband so much and I just cant wait to RUN to his arms when he crosses the arrivals at Rio´s Airport. imnages

Its so uncomfortable and stinky hot here. I just feel like staying inside my room with the air conditioner on. I woke up about 9:40AM and, after having my shower, I went downstairs to vote for city mair. Had my two croissants for lunch and I am waiting for my favorite TV show which is the Australian “Whats good for you”. images

I dont have to work on Monday because its a holiday for the federal public servants all over Brasil. I would love if it gets cloudy and rainy so I would go for a walk. But I think I will go for a walk anyway…. nothing better to do. im5ages

My husband gave me the Jamie Oliver at Home series and its so good. Its lovely to watch Jamie cook. All delicious recipes and so inspiring…. yummy!!! I will give Cam some cooking books for him to bring back to our little house in NZ because he cooks so well and because we have a little vegetable garden. Cam has been eating lovely fresh lettuce from the garden.immages

I am watching Cape Town now at Discovery Travel & Living. My favorite TV channels are:

Discovery Travel & Living; Discovery Home & Health and GNT. tea-300x226

I should have bought some tea when I went downstairs….. I could use a nice cup of tea…. camomile, lemon or maybe passionfruit…..

I dont know about other countries, but in Brasil its much much easier to buy online because you find LOADS of items you just can find on the shops. I love shopping online. I am addicted! If I want to buy a DVD, the best places to go are: www.amazon.com, www.americanas.com.br and www.submarino.com.br English_Tea_Party_by_prop4g4nd4

Here, in Brasil, pretty much ANYTHING is cheaper online!!!!!!

As I have extremely oily hair and oily skin, I suffer a lot with this very hot and humid weather… stinky Rio! 🙁

So, I bought green tea and tea tree shampoos and facial products wich might help me to get rid of those zits and acne…. I have been washing my hair almost daily and it feels terrible when I cant do that!imagves

You cant find those products if you go to the shops  – specially for a good price!!

This is my 1:15PM (Sunday) and I am waiting until its Cam 8:00 AM so I will call him to wake him up. its holiday in New Zealand (Labor Day) so he will be able to stay with me online (I hope!!) imabges

I LOOOOOOVE MY HUSBAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cozy_kitty

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Happy Anniversary, my darling husband!

2 years and 9 months married. Loving you so so so much!

Im the luckiest girl in the Universe! images

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