Its raining loads!
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This is my Turdsday morning and I´m getting ready to work. ÍndiceWell, I am still in bed, wearing pajamas, finished my coffe with milk and spoke to my beloved husband on Skype. omg-chocolate-cake-7He is sleeping now (wish I was there with him).TMF V FN Bar Cam will drive on his truck to Helensville tomorrow to get some drums for his business.vitor1

Its raining a lot! It has been raining all night actually…..Índiece

Gotta get ready to work.snoopy52

PS: there is a nice website you could subscribe to recieve tons of health eating diet tips. Its OsMuppets2

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Less than 1 month to December 19th!!
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Hello readers!

I am sorry, I havent written for quite a while. The thing is: time runs so fast…. and also it go slow when we are doing boring things and when we are so loking forward to something we just cant wait. Well, I cant wait for my husband to arrive here and it will be December 19th, my happy day! 🙂ima3ges

Hey girls, I am going to give you an information that will change your lives forever. The best online magazine: New Zealand Girl!!! Its so great, you must have a look. Subscribe! They will send you zillion, hips of good tips and promotions, gifts, etc. Amazing. I love it!Muppets 2

There´s also lots of gossips… For instance: “Madonna is not heartbroken over her divorce to guy Ritchie says a friend. Madge was granted a divorce from Guy on Saturday by a London court after eight years of marriage. Reportedly Guy has agreed to walk away from his marriage without taking a cent from Madonna’s estimated US$700 million fortune. Apparently they will split custody of the two boys, Rocco, eight, and adopted David, three.”images

Anyway, last week I had 5 days of painful headache. You know… period migranes. Terrible! I feel like I´m submited to torture. Just felt like resting with an ice bag on my head, eyes closed, sick in my stomach….  Shit happens….The Muppet Movie.2


I downloaded a couple of very good movies in UTorrent: “The Duchess”, “Get Smart”, “Happens in Vegas”, “Mamma Mia” and “Juno”. Now I am trying to download ” Jorney to the Center of the Earth”, “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”, “The House Bunny”, “Knocked Up” and Desperate Housewives complete fourth season. Loads of movies to watch with my hubbie at the Twin Aunties Motel.immages

My cousin, Vera, she is expecting twins and my father offered to give the babies trolley as our gift. The thing is: she choosed the very expensive one claiming she had no other options avaliable for twins. But, hey, Cam and I found a couple of very good options which were quite cheap! Well, I sent Vera an email just to let her know that the trolley´s price is extravagant! Too expensive!!!! Jesus! She should offer to go on halves, if this is the case……..imagyes

What else…. Oh! Some weird Chinese put a spam on my email and its sending strange advertising msgs to everybody in my contact list.

Ok, tomorrow is counter day and I feel sick in my stomach just to thing about it. My eyes are sore and I need to sleep.imwages

I MISS my husband. Cam, I LOVE you!

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Cute little Mocha happy eating his first broccoli
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Oh my God!!!! Isn´t he the cuttest little thing!!! Makes us want to adpot a hamster and give him broccoli every day 🙂  My darling husband found him online. Lovely!

I must tell everybody that I am feeling so happy its getting closer to the day my Cam will be here very close to me. I will give him LOADS of LOOOOVE.

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Whats good for you!
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Hi, readers!     ima3ges

Have you heard about this amazing Australian TV show called “Whats good for you”?? imeages

You you havent, you dont know what you´re missing. 9bc48f64d04f5a15813c24063881a769 It gives you loads of information about anything about health. Great British Bake Off

Here is the site (and just click on the links to watch the videos and read about whats on the episodes:image images

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Saturday Morning
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This is my Saturday morning, November, 1th. Almost one month and a halth for my beloved husband to arrive here in Rio.Peanut Butter Billionaire Brownie by Baking Makes Things Better (4)_thumb[2] We will finally be together again. I just cant wait.imag3es I feel anxious and lonely and hurt without him, but we just have to be string and carry on because I know for sure one day we will be together for good and life will make things easier for us. Financial situation will be better and Cam and I will live completely away from his father control. Books4_zpsc2d9ee82

But, anyway, the important thing is that Cam will be here soon and we will have a honeymoon time and enjoy each other and do whatever we feel like. Together. This is the most wonderful thing. This is everything I want. This is what matters. Having Cam together with me gives me comfort and happiness. My world makes sense again. Its like “coming home” inside my own heart.cardiff-market-006

The weather is cool, rainy and, in a place like Rio, this means a very good weather (for me, at least). I had a very good shower and used those shampoos for very oily hair. Feel refreshed and good. I will have lunch with my tiwn aunties (as usual) and spend part of the afternoon with them (until its time for Cam to wake up and so I want to be together with him online. I told my aunties not to buy any Coca-Cola or any colas because I want to drink water. Colas are not good for your digestion. I like my aunties so much, but they just exagerate on offering Cam and I food and soft drinks everytime we go visit them. The thing is, I had 5 days of terrible headache last week and it felt terrible! I suffered so much! I nee to do everything I can to avoid that. Headache afects even my emotional. I feel completely miserable…. images

I have been ordering saladas for lunch at work and have been eating fruits (its quite easy to find lots of fruits any time of year here in Brasil and my father buys loads of them – have been eating specially pineapples, pawpaw and apples – yummy).  But I am not radical at all. yesterday we had a birthday party at work and everybody paid R$2,00 to buy two fancy delicious chocolate cakes. One of them was like mousse! I had a slice of each and I dont regret.Índice

Havent done any exercise though…. I thought about going for a walk today but its raining. Tomorrow is the day we go to the cemetery and bring red roses to my mother grave. Its awful, but just once a year, I can handle.imabges

Time runs fast.

I can post on Trade Me (New Zealand!) Thanks to my husband who is the coolest geek in the Universe!! I posted once so far, because I dont know exactly what to say and also I feel worried that people will find out I am in Brasil and probably have very different points of views and day to day routine… But ut feels very nice to be able to post if there is any subject I like.imagnes

I feel hungry but I will save the space in my stomach (and the calories) for the pastries at the aunties this afternoon.

I MISS my husband. I miss him every single second.izmages

Yesterday I came home from work and couldnt get in contact with Cam because he went out and forgot his mobile. I felt miserable!!!! And I exagerated, but I am missing him so much and needed to hear his voice and know he is there for me.Índice

Almost one month and a half now.imagesv

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